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Explore dangerous dungeons, solve mysterious puzzles and engage hundreds of foes, big and small, in intense melee combat.

  • Easy to Play, Easy to Die
  • Fantastic Generated Dungeons (using brand new tech)
  • Real Emergent Gameplay with many Tactical Options
  • Intense, Real-time, Dual Wielding Melee Combat
  • Stealth Mechanics (dungeon crawling like a real rogue…)
  • Over 50 dangerous bosses
  • Challenging, generated puzzles
  • Adaptive, original soundtrack

Watch this video to understand how Unexplored creates its dungeons:

In the Words Of A Player: What Do You Feel Makes the Game Stand Out?
Misery, one of Unexplored’s Early Access players, thought our description didn’t do the game justice. So, we asked: “What do you feel makes the game stand out?”
We really liked what Misery wrote, so here’s a summary:

  • 1. the Dungeon Generation
  • 2. It uses a ton of traditional roguelike concepts, but in non-annoying ways
    The fact that the game FEELS like a traditional one while still being real-time is a pretty major thing as far as I see it.
  • 3. The combat is pretty fun, yeah
    Lots going on there, particularly once things like potions and staves or whatever are thrown into the mix. Feels more tactical than the usual "shoot everything" sort.
  • 4. Pausing the game
    Being able to pause the game and deal with your inventory, use items, and examine things, without actually leaving the game screen, that's a big one. It all really opens up a lot of options for tactical play.
  • 5. The Puzzles
    [The puzzles] feel like the sorts that the old Zelda games used to use. That same satisfaction from that is here overall.
  • 6. The hub floors
    Ended up being a great feature.
  • 7. The huge variety of enemies
    Not just bosses, but monsters and traps and all sorts of stuff. I've been constantly impressed by this. Even after so much time with the game there's still plenty I haven't even seen yet.
  • 8. And of course the whole "lock and key" concept.

You can read the entire comment here:

We continue with our own, inferior description:

The goal of UnexploredThe goal of Unexplored is to find the dragon in the depths of the dungeon of doom, slay it to claim the Amulet of Yendor and bring it back to the surface. Every run, the game will create an intricate map of dungeons, hinting at foes to come and solutions for puzzles you’ll face.Lots Of BossesDuring your adventure through the dungeons, you’ll regularly face off with one of over fifty possible bosses. These range from the Queen Ant, to the Balrog and, yes, several menacing Dragons. Some of these bosses can only be slain with the right weapons, so make sure not to miss those on the previous levels.Uncover Secret ItemsIn the spirit of roguelikes, the game does not tell you which potions will save you, and which will kill you. You’ll have to find out yourself either by taking risk or using the right Magic Scrolls. Same story for the Enchanted Weapons: are they blessed with divine powers or cursed with deadly spells?PuzzlesPitted throughout the dungeons you’ll encounter strange statues. Some of these are part of puzzles and solving those may reap great rewards. So, you may want to pick up and read the books you’ll see lying around. They may feature hints on how to solve a puzzle, even one a few levels deeper.WeaponsYou’ll be able to equip two items and wield them both. In the darkest deeps you might want to hold a burning torch beside your axe. Bats tend to be killed easily from a distance by throwing daggers at them, so why not equip them in both slots? Or wield a whip, no better, the Flaming Whip you just plucked from that Balrog you managed to finally kill. Or… perhaps it’s best you start with a shield. A big, enchanted shield. Yes.ArmorYour starting armor may not seem like much, but that’s only because… well, because it IS not that much. It will keep you safe from the bites of bats, but don’t try your luck with an Orc. Beat the right foes to collect their leather breastplates or chainmail. Or… equip the right cloak on go stealth…Wait, Stealth?Yes, that is an option. You can go unnoticed for a long time and execute surprise attacks for added damage. Like everything in Unexplored, it’s up to you to weigh the rewards versus the risk. Because a surprise attack on a Necromancer may sound like a terrific idea, but it’ll probably survive your first strike, leaving you quite vulnerable in your cloak of cloth.

ProgressionUnexplored features several kinds of progression for you and your character. The most important is simple: experience. Expect to die a lot in the beginning, whilst learning exactly how to play the game. But you will learn and before you know, you reach a deeper level every run. However, there’s more than just experience. Within each run, you’ll find Potions of Strength, drink those and your power increases for as long as your stays alive. A Potion of Life not only completely heals your hero, it increases the amount of Hit Points. Upgrading your equipment by combining it with certain magic items on an anvil will grant you perks for the time being. Offer to the Gods, and you may receive another upgrade.
However, if you die, your powers die with you. Unexplored is a game featuring perma-death.
Nevertheless, some upgrades are permanent. When you unlock achievements, you unlock equipment and items you can purchase before you start a new run. You pay for these items with the other permanent feature: gold. Your hero will inherit all the gold your previous one owned. So it is always an absolutely fabulous idea to try an open as many chests as possible, you might get rich trying.
Or, just spend it all during your run when you meet one of the vendors. Yes, you heard that correctly: during the game you will be able to spend your gold on new equipment and potions. Obviously, if you subsequently fail, all that gold is lost. Like in forever.Crafting and MixingThe deeper you go, the more dangerous the dungeons will be. So, make sure to pick up the right equipment, potions and scrolls along the way. You can even craft better items and mix healthy or plain deadly drinks.

Foreshadowing…?Part of Unexplored’s allure is the way it generates the dungeons. Not just the levels themselves (see this video about Cyclic Dungeon Generation), but all the dungeons in their entirety. The game knows what you’ll face on the deepest levels even before you start wandering the first one. So, it will provide you with hints, keys and notes about what to expect down the line. Best keep an eye out for those.That’s It?No, of course not. Unexplored is a game filled with content, with lava and water, plants and trees (flammable trees that is), with hidden doors and locked doors (use lockpicks!), with small bosses and big bosses and with so much more. But we won’t spoil everything here. It’s up to you to find out! So, go have yourself an adventure! You’ll love it!

***************************************communityUnexplored has a fantastic community of players helping each other out. They have been an integral part of the development of this game. So, if you're really stuck, let us know in the Steam forum, and we, or one of the other players, will try and help you out.
Release date
Nephilim game Studios
Digerati, Ludomotion
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 3D Graphics Card
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: 2.6 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 3D Graphics Card
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Visit all 11 floors in the Mining Colony in the Ripley Run.
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Unexplored reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
A nice little Game for In Between! I have been playing the Game for a few Months now and am very happy with the Development. It's a lot of play now! Graphically, the Game is rather simple, but still very coherent. It all fits together very well. It's not the typical Pixel Look you can't see anymore. Playfully it offers various Rougelike Facets, but thanks to the excellent varied Generated Dungeons and the different Items including the Crafting, the Game is really Fun in the long term. Potential for even more Content is there and will be added, according to the Developer:) But you already get a lot of opportunities now. Also Interesting is the Implementation of Gas/fire in the Game, I don't know that in Roguelikes-Luring opponents into the Gas and then igniting it is not a Problem. I can fully recommend the Game, it also has a lot of fresh Mechanics that don't occur in other Games like the Fire or the great Dungeon Generator.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Few People have written a Review for this Game and none of them in German, so I'm dedicated to this Task now. What is it all About in the first place? You are a small Yellowish circle representing your Character, you can customize it in front of each new Dungeon. Your Task is to reach the bottom Floor and recover the Amulet of Yendor. Simple, right? Wrongly thought, on your Journey, Mystical Creatures of Stories and Legends stand up to you who want nothing more than the Player's Death. How big is gun Selection? For such an early Stage of the Game (currently 0.9.9) quite big. You face the enemy Hordes with an Arsenal ranging from Dobs to Wands and Spears. You Can replace your Weapon at any Time with your killed opponent. Security remains the A & O, though, and for those who don't see the Attack as the best defense, there's an equally wide-ranging Area of Cloaks, Armor, and magical Rings. Who is still too simple about the Variety, and should improve his Equipment with magical Runes that you happen to find. Since burning spears or Armor that heal you can come out, it always depends on the Combination of Rune and object. What's the Graphic like? Some might call it too easy, I call it a really successful Style and a successful Venture which is inspired by the comic style. One sees oneself from a Top-down perspective, which is often used for dungeon crawlers, but here also appears appropriate and sinvoll, only for the Atmosphere and Unpredictability what awaits one in the next Room. Note on the Sidelines: It's not a Game with big Story or Twists in history, rather something for a few fun Dungeon runs in between. The Only Minus Point is the Crashes in the middle of playing, but they are normal for Games in Early Takes. Now I have taken enough Time for you with my next review, here my Opinion. Conclusion: A great, but so far not exactly known Indie pearl That Entertains one for many Hours. English Skills are, however, Presuppose! Pure Recommendation for Friends of the Genre.
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