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I'm terrible at this game, but it's super fun. The music is catchy as hell and I always have the theme song stuck in my head. I love the gameplay too, the normal levels, the food levels and the keyboard levels are all very addictive, the keyboard ones are the ones I'm best at though, this game is wonderful.
«Just one more turn»
«OST on repeat»
Another game that I'm very sad to lose on my Steam account, but I think I've had my time with.

"Geometry Dash" is well-made, simplistic, pure fun and it's also achingly difficult. I think I spent like 150 hours on this game when I had it.
«Can’t stop playing»
For some reason, all of my Steam games were wiped, which is very sad because I really enjoyed playing video games on Steam, and I'm going to have to re-buy the games I really cared about, this may not be one of these games, but I did spend many hours messing around and enjoying the fun mechanics of this hilarious, wacky multiplayer game and it would be on that list if they lowered its price.
«Better with friends»
It's hella racist
Monster Hunter Stories 2 Wings of Ruin PC - Finished on 07/16/2021
Played April 17th,2018-May 14th,2018

Same as the the first DLC, this was boring. I still hate Kidman and the tone felt off with this. But again average.

Grade: C
Played: March 24th,2018-May 5th,2018

Cool concept, but bad execution. The main character is quite boring and the environment is too. Blah.

Grade: D
Played: February 22nd,2018-April 29th,2018

What a crazy ride on an island. Vaas is insane and the missions are great. Although the other villains compared to Vaas, are very weak. Also the main character is not that intriguing. 

Grade: A-
Played: March 4th,2018-April 9th,2018

I didn't care. Kidman is such a boring character, who I don't care about. Tone wasn't great in this. Just an average DLC.

Grade: C
Played: November 17th,2017-March 1th,2018

I like the settings. The desert and school worked well. The story however just confused itself and the characters are eeh. The ending was bad and the villains are not memorable at all.

Grade: C-
Played: June 19th,2017-February 25th,2018

This game feels depressing. Sebastian, the main character isn't compelling and the story feels like a drag. Although the fight system is nice. Also the bosses are a good challenge!

Grade: C-
Played: September 23rd,2017-November 6th,2017

This DLC ups the antics! A better main character this time around, and still holds the scare. Lore is also a plus to exactly was going on there and an ending that makes sense!

Grade: B+
Played: May 6th,2017-September 6th,2017

Made me nervous moving around! The atmosphere is terrific! Lore of the hospital is crazy and the setting of Colorado is an excellent choice. The ending and main character are the things that knocks a few points off.

Grade: B
Played: February 13th,2017-May 19th,2017

Scary! The atmosphere is great and the villains are excellent. Ethan isn't intriguing, but is serviceable. The two endings choice is also not that needed.

Grade: B+
The puzzles felt a bit easier than in the previous games in the series. Still, it's hard to stop playing when you just want to go and solve the next puzzle, then the next one and the next one...
This takes everything that made the first game enjoyable like the setpieces, the secrets, the neat levels filled with puzzles and simple but enjoyable combat, the new take on the Castlevania story and makes it bad.
Levels are boring, collectibles aren't hidden anymore, they're locked behind "come back later" gates or just given to you, enemies spam unblockables, Gabriel is made out of paper, the story doesn't make a lick of sense.
They actually managed to ruin the prospect of playing Dracula
«Waste of time»
This game was fantastic on the PS2.
Few Hack 'n slash games as satisfying as this one.

You could play as 2 characters in different stories, amazing cutscenes that reminded me of Squaresoft at the time and even hidden stuff to unlock. Huge replayability. 

Not sure how it would hold in this day, havent played it for 15 years but would love to play it again in HD remaster.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»