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Amazing puzzle game but it's too short
Great narrative with focus on stealth
The game have a certain charm to it with gigantic boss fights
Play it if you want to relax
Hope for the series to continue
Makes you feel like a real killer
Gigantic fight with amazing mechanics
Amazing 2P puzzle game, hope to get more games like it
Amazing party and social game
The managed to do a platformer with a slippery character
If you enjoyed Saints Row IV you will enjoy this one
Imagine GTA with superpower and funny gameplay that
 is Saint Row IV
This game reward you for being jumpy and it feeling amazing when you kill a hoard of enemies without touching the ground
Sometimes it gets frustrating but when you play it with friends it becomes an amazing party
Enjoyed every second of it
Amazing puzzles with good narrative
Amazing narrative with amazing characters
Feels amazing to take down Colossus