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Guild wars 1 should have had dedicated servers and level editors, Arena net quickly back ended the game to prevent ownership.  A game released 3 years prior, Neverwinter nights had the ability to host your own multiplayer games.

The MMO genre is a fake genre, invented to con the gullible masses out of game ownership.  

All Neverwinter Nights (2002) by bioware kinda sucks, you should see the ridiculous RPG future that was denied us because of the stolen rpg playing casuals who bought ultima online, everquest, asherons call, Dark age of camelot and World of warcraft.
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»
Better play the original and just add a 4k texture pack, at least the animation won t be broken
«Ugly as my life»
«Reviewers bribed»
words words words
It needs a little work, but has great potential.
Takes forever to load and tutorial got stuck. Not much original.
This is the PS5 game I’ve been waiting for. The first true exclusive and it has NOT disappointed. I agree entirely with the critiques about the lack of a save system, but aside from that very-patchable gripe, this game is immaculate. Each run feels like a gamble, but one that is nearly always winnable. I’m stuck on Biome Three right now as my first hard wall, but even after playing that boss a dozen times, I’m never beaten down to the point where it feels unfair. It’s always something I’ve done and instantly realize I’m an idiot instantly. It’s also a fucking fantastic use of a triple A budget, too. I’ve been excited for this game on principle, due to the fact that it is a culmination of a bunch of genres that have either moved towards obscurity or are typically indie (or both) and I want more of THAT exactly thing in triple A games, but even aside from that excitement, I’m beyond pleased that it is actually an incredible game. I’m usually more of a story guy when it comes to shooters, but Returnal dishes out just enough story to make you feel like you’re understanding the world more, even if you’re failing repeatedly. 

Overall, if you’ve got a PS5, for the love of god, pick this god damn game up. It’s difficult, but if you can handle a game that roughs you up just enough (not quite Soulsborne level, but just enough), then I highly recommend it.
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»
This game is so bad it doesn't deserve that beautiful pixel artwork, it hurts. Over powered enemies and when you die you are returned to the beginning so making progress is tedious and repetitive, you don't know where the character was because is a procedural generated world, you have to explore the map every time you die. Also you need money to merge upgrades and shoot weapons? Nah
I played Destiny 2 for around one year, from the middle of Shadowkeep to the middle of Beyond Light. It was fun at first. Played solo for a while, then joined a clan to be able to do more end-game activities. Still fun, learning dungeons and raids. The release of Beyond Light was fun, as was attempting a day one raid. Shortly after that it started loosing the appeal.

The game world is not that big, you'll be running a lot around in the same environments. There's just too much of repeating the same activities every week and completing bounties within those activities that force you to use something other than your favorite gear or play style. Everything seems to be about completing bounties and it's boring. On top of it, they started adding gear that was only possible to get if you solo kinda difficult content, while the game is much more fun with others.

I don't know... the game was fun, while the mechanics felt new and fresh. The gun play and movement is good. It's just that all the new content is doing more bounties for a different reason.
A metroidvania, with well implemented platforming and combat. It's not that much different from the first game, but there are some new skills to use. The difficulty was well balanced, for me at least. I died a lot during the optional side paths, but managed to always finish them with a reasonable amount of attempts. All those upgrades made me feel pretty powerful for the final levels which was a nice feeling, all that practice paying off. The story is very shallow and the humor not for everyone.
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
Best space game still after 20 years.  Negative reviews are from people who don't know about the fan update.  Go get Knossos

Here's a small taste of what updated freespace 2 is like:

Soooo good, sadly I've beaten it in one day ;---;
«Liked before it became a hit»
«Better with friends»
It definitely shows the pacing and design weaknesses of the original. Prettied up and improved as it is this is still a remake of a 2010 game that was crippled by it's budget. But like with all Yoko Taro games these flaws can be easily looked past to experience a story that will live in your head for a long long time
«Sit back and relax»
«OST on repeat»
It was fun most of the time. But towards the ending it got a little monotonous. Good story. Great graphics, especially at 165hz. Movement could be better. It felt heavy and not smooth.
«Better with friends»
Timed missions can fuck off.
Nearly perfect in every aspect.
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
The control scheme is so awkward that I couldn't finish the tutorial.
It's a resource hog and the mechanics of the game have nothing to do with ancient egypt besides being a theme.
It's a great game to play with friends. It can get pretty insane with the characters and events that happen throughout the run.
«Better with friends»