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The concept behind the game is ingenious, but I just found that it got way too smart way too quickly (for me).
Favorite Thing: The game's essentially just an interactive movie so it's all about the story. I liked the superpowered kid angle, though I think they were a little too reserved with it.
Least Favorite Thing: The cult/church in episode 4. Again, they should have been less reserved and gone more crazy cult.

Date Completed: 2020-01-16
Playtime: 14h
Enjoyment: 8/10
Recommendation: If you like these types of games then most definitely.
Besides a few save breaking glitches which were annoying, I think Blacksad Under The Skin was great. And one of the biggest hidden gems of
last year along with Truberbrook.
Death Stranding is my introduction to Hideo Kojima, not to mention Death Stranding was one of the decades most highly anticipated games for most gamers, myself included. But up until the game actually released, no one knew all that much about it. In fact, the more they released about the game, the more bizarre it all seemed. 

Having played and beaten this game, I have to say it's probably one of my favorite games of all time, though it's not for everyone, reading any collection of reviews on the game will prove that. Due to how minimal the information on the game was, no one knew what to make of it. And ultimately once it released it divided fans, and I get it, it's definitely one of the most unique games out there right now. And for that reason I love it.

I don't wanna get too into the story, it's best left for you to play through and experience it. But basically you play as Sam, a delivery man of sorts who is tasked to bring America together after an apocalyptical phenomenon known as the 'death stranding.' I'll leave it at that, because honestly the story, the world, the characters, and the lore is just outstanding. It's complex, but well thought out. Imaginative, original, and unlike anything I've experienced in a game before. 

Graphically this game is also easily one of the best looking games of the year. You traverse through two large open world maps, each with different areas for you to link to one another. And the environments are beautiful, from rushing rivers, green fields, desolate apocalyptical wastelands, and snowy mountains, I never once got tired of the visuals and atmosphere of the game. You truly feel small and insignificant in this large world, but your actions throughout the game prove otherwise, and it's an experience to behold. All of that on top of a fantastic soundtrack filled with indie rock/pop tracks, and it adds to the games atmosphere and sense of wonder even more.

The gameplay focuses heavily on traversing from one destination to another, through varying terrain and different dangerous encounters, and being strategical and smart about how you go about it. You have a variety of tools, weapons, and vehicles at your disposal so you can customize how you want to go about any particular delivery or plot point. And that's the main focus of the game, which I guess is a turnoff to some gamers who were maybe expecting more action and combat. The combat is there, but it's not front and center. In fact, the combat in this game can get rather tedious and clunky. You get the hang of it after awhile, but yeah, it's not a focus. 

As far as negatives I'd have to go with repetition. The main goal is linking up America, and delivering packages, of varying degrees of importance, which sometimes requires you to go back and forth a lot. Especially when it comes to very difficult areas to traverse, it can get annoying. Luckily the story doesn't take you back and forth a lot. There's optional side deliveries that get you 'likes,' which can unlock data on the lore of the game, as well as characters. Getting these 'likes' also gives you access to some customizable options for Sam and his gear. None of this is required, it's just up to your preference. 

Overall though Death Stranding is a masterpiece. Kojima really put his all into this game, and as a result produced one of the best games I've played. I'm speechless and in wonder at how incredible this piece of work is, and I'm excited for what he has in store for us next!
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
A lot of improvements have been made from the last entry of Fatal Fury, the combat has a faster pace and it seemed that the developers tweaked the combo system a good chunk in order to make it more accessible for more people, that is a good thing for me but I can see how it would be a bad thing for others, that will depend on your view I guess

 The character selection is good but, as for today's standards, it may seem more like a little expansion than a sequel, so you will be seeing a lot of familiar faces. One thing that I didn't like was the lack of "story" after you beat the main antagonist, you'll have some lines of the character you finished with and some funny and lighthearted "scenes" with some characters when the credits are rolling, the scenes are nice but aren't enough for you to try to beat the game again in order to see new ones, that gives this game more focus on the competitive multiplayer mode which I think it would be a lot of fun, even more than the last game.

Another thing that I liked quite a lot is the sprite work, the characters look better than before but what gives a lot of mood are the stages, they're so different and picturesque by themselves that you'll just want to get to the next rivel just to see their stage.

This game sure has some tweaks and improvements, if you're going to play it for fights with your friends or people, it will be an amazing time, but if you're going to play it by yourself, don't expect a lot of replayability.
«Just one more turn»
Most fun I've had in a multiplayer game since the early COD games. Better be a teamplayer if you play though, or else you'll have a very limited experience.
I enjoyed this and thought the game was well done for what it was doing. <3
Huge turn off for me when I realized I'd only be able to see the character I created if I held still for too long. I don't know ANY OTHER game that lets you create a character like that and then they never show them or even give you the option to go into third person to see them that way. The game was fun at the beginning but the longer I played, the more monotonous it became. It feels like the same thing over and over and all the characters are quite dull. If they make a second one, they have some work to do.
The game has its flaws, but it is definitely “must play” for whom are fond of rpg. Solid story, fascinating world, nice characters. The action gameplay is lame, but you’ll get used to it.
I want to be honest. I played this game for 90 minutes, and 90% of this time I was looking for some solution about crashes of game. And apparently because of the current version of the game (v2.51) - game is completely unplayeble.
Red Dead Redemption is a game I always remember. I was a year out of college and sort of didn't know what I was going to do with my life. I remember being down in the dumps a bit living with my roommate in Concord NH. I loved Rockstar games and remembering looking up Red Dead Revolver and it looking like a game I probably wasn't too interested in. I picked up Red Dead being skeptical and it ended up being one of my favorite games. A character you could become obsessed with, John Marston. 

Cut to 2019 and Red Dead Redemption has been replaced. That gunslinger I once loved has been replaced by a caring bad guy who is self-aware of the bad deeds he continues to do. He can't help himself and he knows that, which is probably why I love his character so much. With one of the realist villains I can remember with Dutch Van Der Linde and some of the most realistic gameplay in a videogame, I was enamored for 80 plus hours of gameplay. 

I can't wait to remember it again.
What can I say? I adore this game. The story is phenomenal and just what we need during a time where we are so distant as humans. The twist at the end was unexpected and welcomed, I felt a wave of emotion I wasn't expecting. The gameplay is not for everyone and all I heard going into the game was how much work it was. People saying that the first 5 to 10 hours were grueling. I enjoyed the beginning thoroughly and at a time when the game got more intense, thought back to the days where I was just a porter walking through this painstakingly meticulously beautiful world making my first deliveries. 

Yes after the first couple of chapters the game opens up and introduces more familiar mechanics but the walking mechanic is always the star of the show. So much creativity and polish are what I expect from a Kojima game and he didn't let me down. Will go down as one of my favorite games of the decade and a game I will always come back to think about.
What Fallen Order fails to capture with its polish and overarching gameplay it provides in an engrossing story and enjoyable combat. At about midway through this game, I felt like a Jedi and that's why I was playing to begin with. What I didn't expect was a character I cared about and a story that actually made me want to continue just as much as unlocking the next force power. The game is extremely linear but it makes up for that with a dynamic mix of enemies and ways to attack them.

I think it could have done with more time in the oven as there are a good amount of glitches and bugs that took place through my playthrough but they never prevented me from enjoying myself. I cannot wait to see what Respawn does with this series going forward. 
A mixed bag, but when it's good, it's highly entertaining. Killing Nazis doesn't get old. There is some real creativity in the story that is immensely entertaining B-grade stuff. The game begins jarringly, with a sadistic set of choices you are forced to make. Thankfully, this stops relatively early on in the game, and the game finds its stride as the Nazi-killing romp begins.
There's no other game like this! Wow!
This small indie game has an extremely short playtime, but is still fun to explore. It also has some great original music, the 3D graphics has a decent art style, the story is completely subjective to each player's interpretation, and there are a good amount of achievements or unlockable cheats for some amount of replayability.

Although, the game doesn't offer enough to get players going back for more, with its limited amount of puzzles. It also needs work in character animations, and there are a small amount of tracks in the game.

To conclude, the game is still a decent title, and probably one of the best games that Coffee Stain North has ever made yet. It's definitely for people into games that don't have a conclusive story, speedrunners, or just someone looking for good indie games.
«Beaten more than once»
An old game that has a decent community playing it to this day. The amount of content for a single-player session is as good enough as it is playing multiplayer. The modes offer player choice with different classes and vehicles, the music is not originally produced for the game but still fits well for the game, and the voice performance for the clone troopers are great!

However, the game does have some clipping issues when playing as characters with large guns that you hold on your shoulder. In addition, the current state of its multiplayer mode on PC is pretty difficult to find a sizeable server. And the PC controls can be slightly different for experience FPS gamers of other titles like Call of Duty.

Putting the flaws aside, this game is still a fun game to play. It's great with some friends, the in-game content is completely satisfying, and the game is best for Star Wars fans or even FPS players.
«Beaten more than once»
The game is an enjoyable collect-a-thon made with adorable 3D graphics and amazing 2D artwork. The music is catchy and fits each level incredibly well, and the voice actors do a great job portraying their roles. The story is very basic, but it works exceptionally well just to direct the player in the game.

This game is great, but I have some issues with it. The plot is fine, but most of the levels are made as separate stories instead of pieces to the puzzle that is the entire story. And to further add into this point, the main villain is not even present most of the time, which makes her development weak. Finally, the game alone is also very easy and doesn't offer enough replayability except to explore the worlds and play the campaign.

All in all, it's a fun indie game for anyone interested in platformers, and it's for all ages.
«Can’t stop playing»