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Portal 2 is a first-person puzzle game developed by Valve Corporation and released on April 19, 2011 on Steam, PS3 and Xbox 360. It was published by Valve Corporation in digital form and by Electronic Arts in physical form.

Its plot directly follows the first game's, taking place in the Half-Life universe. You play as Chell, a test subject in a research facility formerly ran by the company Aperture Science, but taken over by an evil AI that turned upon its creators, GladOS. After defeating GladOS at the end of the first game but failing to escape the facility, Chell is woken up from a stasis chamber by an AI personality core, Wheatley, as the unkempt complex is falling apart. As the two attempt to navigate through the ruins and escape, they stumble upon GladOS, and accidentally re-activate her...

Portal 2's core mechanics are very similar to the first game's ; the player must make their way through several test chambers which involve puzzles. For this purpose, they possess a Portal Gun, a weapon capable of creating teleportation portals on white surfaces. This seemingly simple mechanic and its subtleties coupled with the many different puzzle elements that can appear in puzzles allows the game to be easy to start playing, yet still feature profound gameplay. The sequel adds several new puzzle elements, such as gel that can render surfaces bouncy or allow you to accelerate when running on them.

The game is often praised for its gameplay, its memorable dialogue and writing and its aesthetic. Both games in the series are responsible for inspiring most puzzle games succeeding them, particularly first-person puzzle games. The series, its characters and even its items such as the portal gun and the companion cube have become a cultural icon within gaming communities.

Portal 2 also features a co-op mode where two players take on the roles of robots being led through tests by GladOS, as well as an in-depth level editor.

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    Portal 2 Platinum Trophy
    Collected all other Portal 2 trophies
    Still Alive
    Complete Course 4 with neither you nor your co-op partner dying
    Talent Show
    Never lose a cube in Chamber 6 of the Mobility Gels co-op course
    Triple Crown
    Solve 3 co-op chambers in the Mass and Velocity course in under 60 seconds each
    Portal Conservation Society
    Complete Chamber 3 in the Hard-Light Surfaces co-op course using only 5 total portal placements
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    Portal 2 reviews and comments

    Arguably one of the greatest puzzle games ever created, and Valve's magnum opus. Portal 2 did what seemed impossible: it took Portal, a four-hour little curio made as an added-extra for The Orange Box, and turned it into a fully fleshed out campaign that added new elements, new characters, and a superb co-op mode without sacrificing any of the charm, puzzles, or comedy of the original. 
    «Beaten more than once»
    Amazing, top 5 best games ever played. Played back in 2017 and was a blast figuring out the puzzles
    When they transfer my consciousness into a stadium-sized supercomputer, the vast flow of information will drive me insane. (c) Cave Johnson

    The program that drives everyone mad. By this fact we can realize that any module will be poisoned by it. That's what happened to Wheatley. This is a nice story with a blurred notion of morality. Someone must to control this system and the only one, as it turns out, is GLaDOS.
    «Blew my mind»
    «OST on repeat»
    Cool conception, great game
    «Blew my mind»
    «Can’t stop playing»
    One of the best puzzle games of all time.
    i cant say anything that hasnt already been said about this game 
    «Blew my mind»
    «Can’t stop playing»
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