RAWG's First Year Most Rated Games

Created May 23, 2018 by RAWG Editorial
RAWG is turning 1 year old on May 24! We picked the games that received most ratings and reviews during our first year. Check the list and see how many things you have in common with other rawgers—or how indie you are! And don't forget to share some love in the comments. ♥
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    287 ratings No surprise that The Witcher 3 became the most rated game for rawgers. It was named the best RPG hundreds of times, perfectly balanced, involving and incredibly beautiful. Meet your old friends—Geralt, Yennifer, Triss, Ciri, Dandelion and many others—and don't let them go. Only one more Witcher game could make everything better, but there won't be one. At least for now. As one rawger said, “I want to have local amnesia and forget half-year of my life spent in Witcher 3. Just to play this game again.” →  https://rawg.io/reviews/7474   We know, we know.
      196 ratings There’s always a lighthouse, there’s always a man, there’s always a city. There's always BioShock Infinite in our hearts. One of the most amazing, deep and touching stories in video games, the characters you'll remember forever, and multiple references to think over after the walkthrough. And the world you're always ready to return to.
        158 ratings Even if you didn't play BioShock for some reason, you definitely saw screenshots and heard the name of the protagonist. The story of a breaking utopia is wisely mixed with unique combat mechanics and interesting gameplay features. And this is what makes BioShock so remarkable.
          152 ratings Don't you know that one of the most popular games on RAWG (and in the world) was created by a group of students? Their project was seen at a fair, and Valve hired the entire developing group. With the company's resources the prototype became a AAA-quality game that received multiple awards and was named one of the 100 greatest video games of all time.
            285 ratings With just under 100M copies sold globally, GTA V has enjoyed the love of gamers since 2013. Awesome playable characters (three at once this time), 69 exciting missions and the returning to San Andreas let the games make a mark in the games history. Just like development and marketing budgets. “Remember those time when San Andreas was released... no match for this.” →  https://rawg.io/reviews/31437
              173 ratings Horizon Zero Dawn is an unusual project. It was hard to imagine how a little girl with a bow and a spear will fight against giant machines. However, Aloy is smart and strong—and at the same time she is a hero you can feel empathy for. Because of her the game became complex, unpredictable and enjoyable any time you play it.
                157 ratings What would you do, if you could rewind time? If you could find out which choice is right and change your or someone's destiny? Life is Strange, released in 2015, gave answers to these questions. The story, however, repeats the same old lesson: every decision has consequences, so choose wisely.
                  146 ratings Every Fallout game is highly anticipated. The community is afraid to get a title that ruins the franchise but they badly want to go to the Wasteland once again. Fortunately, Fallout 4 fulfilled the hopes. The game is balanced, detailed and has a good story. What's more important, it always has something to offer—weapon crafting, RPG sandbox, side quests, or an interesting plot to follow.
                    214 ratings Portal 2, released by Valve in 2011, became more popular than the first game with rawgers. While the core mechanics—making portals (duh)—stayed the same, the developers added some new features and made GLaDOS even crazier and funnier in the sequel. As a result, the game got numerous awards and the place in our top-3. “The only shame here is that Valve is deathly afraid of the number 3.” →  https://rawg.io/reviews/24714
                      165 ratings Rather than read about Skyrim, better play it—and you'll understand why so many people love this game and why it's re-re-re-released so often. But if you want a description of it in a nutshell, here you are: Skyrim is a beautiful world, where you can choose your path from hundreds of ways. You can spend there days and still have something to explore and fall in love with. We bet, at times you will just stay at the mountain and look around—staring at the best landscapes you've ever seen in games.
                        156 ratings Though the reboot of the legendary Tomb Raider series raised questions within the community, the game became more than successful. New Lara Croft appeared to be more alive than her old version, whose main purpose was to attract male players. Now she is a strong role model for girls of the new generation. Of course, Lara stays a badass tomb raider that is always ready to start another dangerous adventure.
                          142 ratings One day, maybe, we'll get Half-Life 3. But till then let's enjoy the second game in the series. Half-Life 2 exceeded its predecessor and upgraded everything the original game was good at. The vusials became outstanding with the new Source engine, AI got smarter, and the interaction between the player and the world broke new ground. And, thanks God, this game can be modified.