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Horizon Zero Dawn is an experiment. A very impressive experiment that actually succeeded. Having a very curious mix of cyberpunk and prehistorical styles and esthetic, the game provides us with quite a unique experience. We need to arm ourselves with arrows and a bow, with a spear or any other prehistorical-ish weapon in order to defeat out enemies - dinosaur-mechanisms that are spread around the world. If that wasn't enough, Aloy our main protagonist can control an AI named GAIA. What we're having here is an exciting connection with "very old times" and "near future", even though the game is set up in the 31st century. Being an outcast with her father Rost, Aloy must restore her position in the tribe and save the world by stopping the Eclipse, a cult that wants to rule the world. Join her on that journey, exploring the world and people that live in such hard surroundings.
Metacritic rating
Release date
Feb 28, 2017
Guerrilla Games
Sony Computer Entertainment
Age rating
13+ Teen
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Last Modified: Jul 18, 2019
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Just finished the game without spoilers literally minutes ago
Jul 16, 2019
So I just finished the game and I need advice
Jul 16, 2019
Anyone else dissapointed in The Frozen Wilds ending? [SPOILERS]
Jul 16, 2019
Can someone explain?
Jul 16, 2019
I miss 2 blue gleam
Jul 16, 2019
Aim assist
Jul 16, 2019
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Horizon: Potato Dawn - Twitter: @LIRIK
Horizon: Zero Dongs - Twitter: @LIRIK - Store: dbh.la/lirik
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Very unique and interesting game. 
- Awesome premise/setting
- Complex, varied combat
- Aloy's character growth
- Creative story kept me invested throughout
- Excellent visuals in landscapes and lighting
- Great design and scale for machines

- Fierce difficulty spikes
- Too long; needed tightening up
- Open world felt a bit dated in some areas
- Delivery of exposition sometimes awkward; poor character models on side characters
Finished on March 21, 2017 (PS4).

+Side Quests
A really great game, though not without faults. In short here are some of the nitpicks I gathered for otherwise a really superb experience which I recommend to almost anyone. The story is intriguing, the world and enemies are unique, the characters are interested and actual gameplay is superb. You can go in guns blazing and try to defeat enemies that way, or you can lay traps, ambush them and scan and hit enemies weak points for a lot easier and fun time. Now on the whining part:

>The RPG aspect was weak, like really weak, this was my own fault expecting it to be a more fleshed out RPG, but nowadays as even Far Cry games have this genre attached I shouldn't be surprised I got what I got. But actual character choice and development from a skill point of view is really bare bones.
>This comes to a second fault, lack of weapon, armor etc variety defeats the purpose of exploring besides the joy of exploring (which should be the main part, but without a carrot dangling in the end, it gets boring after some time) as you will get the same pool of resources as you can get weapons and armor only from merchants due to lack of variety.
>Lots of cliches, while the overall story was good, there were many Holywood moments. I counted at least 3 times where a character died just at the moment I came in after giving me final words before his death.
>End boss fight was a bit disappointing
I'm pretty sure if you look up "perfect game" there's just a picture of this game's cover art. I genuinely can't say enough good things
A beautiful game. There is nothing more to say. I can't wait for the next. 9/10
Great game. Farcry fans may find similarity and underrate it just because they bored of towers and craft system. Pretty good story. I cant stand melee combat system, but it's good with other weapons. Huge variation of weapons and ways to kill things. I recommend playing on highest difficulty.
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
pros: awesome visuals (landscapes, characters), lots of content | cons: weak main story, easy even on hard
Best game that I've ever played. It is the same entertainment level with GTA V and Batman Arkham City for me. Story, graphics, characters... All good. After I finished it, I played Frozen Wilds DLC and it was like a whole new game. A big extension. Fully recommended!
«Blew my mind»
«Can’t stop playing»
«Constantly dying and enjoy it»
«Beaten more than once»
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