Jan 29, 2015
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Interactive storytelling and plot-heavy games gained popularity, and “Life is Strange” arrived as teen mystery adventure. The plot will go through the life of Maxine, a teenager in possession of curious power, allowing her to stop and rewind time, in order to manipulate her surroundings. Max, after the reunion with her friend Chloe, is on the path to uncovering the secrets of Arcadia Bay. Players will have to deal with puzzle solving through the fetch quests, in order to change the world around them.
The game puts players in situations, where they’re forced to make a moral choice, going through the decision which may have short-term or long-term consequences. Every choice made by the player will trigger the butterfly effect, surrounding the first playthrough of the game with a lot of emotional struggle, thoughtfully crafted by the developers at Dontnod Entertainment. Life is Strange is third person adventure game, where players might seem just as an observer of the stories, unfolding in front of them.

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I'd call this game an interactive story in which you decide at certain points how the protagonist acts which in turn influences how the rest of the story plays out. The protagonist, a young girl that returns to her place of birth to attend academy. What makes her special and what the whole story revolves around is that she has somehow aquired the power to rewind time, coupled with a dream or view into the future which paints a dark future of destruction for her hometown, reminiscent of  the Upside Down from Stranger Things (this games does not have horror elements, however). What divides people over this game is the emotional reactions the game devs try to elicit from the player. The narrative revolves around the protagonists former childhood friend who at some point lost her father, became estranged from her mother and despises her mother's new boyfriend, lost the protagonist as her best and only friend when the protagonist moved away, found a new best friend which went missing shortly before the story begins, got into drugs and then got thrown out of college for that. The game begins with another tragic event happening to her and the game ultimately is about how the protagonist tries to fix things for her using her power and, but that depends on your choices, succeeds or fails at it. Some will find the game exceptional, some will not like it. Very fitting OST, think two of the songs made it to my spotify lists.
This game is the epidemy of atmospheric to me. The soundtrack, art design, color pallet, suburban location creates such a unique experience which I actually felt. From the moment Max put headphones in her ears and started to walk in the school hallway and Syd Matters - To All Of You starts to play, I knew I was in for a treat. Yes, the voice acting was strange at a times for some characters, lip synch was terrible, but it can't take from what the game has -  character and spirit.
«OST on repeat»
Life is Cringy, Life is Good, Life is Strange
I really wanted it to be good too. At least, I went into into assuming it would be a well-written, highly emotional tale about characters I love. Unfortunately I was mistaken. The story is fine. It kept me invested enough to keep sluggishly wading through the tepid mess that is the game. I'll admit that I admire the balls the writers had to (SPOILERS) make the ending render everything you do in the game completely pointless. But for a game that is meant to be focused on and is most praised for it's characters, they sure were the most annoying fucking hobgoblins on the face of the Earth. The protagonist is boring and explains everything she does to the player. Worse is her best friend, who everyone seems to love for some reason. She gets some of the worst lines I have ever heard in any game, which is saying something looking at the quality of writing in most games. It is painfully obvious throughout the entire 'experience' that the writers are some guys in their late 30's with no knowledge of how people under 20 speak. In terms of meaningful choices I rarely gave two shits as I didn't care about what happened to the characters. Any part that could be actually emotional is ruined by one of the characters involved saying something that sounds like a bot wrote it. I at least liked the part where you go into the alternate dimension and have to decide whether you should euthanize your best friend or not. It truly was emotional and showed the makers of the game really do have skill somewhere inside them. Unfortunately it isn't long until we are catapulted back into the shitty assbitch dimension we came from. The gameplay is standard but a bit more than you'd get in another episodic game like The Walking Dead. I found the puzzles dull and uninspired, which was disappointing considering the possibilities of the player being able to literally rewind time. I had a good time in the short segment in the diner where you can talk to multiple people, discovering small tidbits of information that you can then manipulate them with after rewinding. This was much more exciting then the other times you must find information, which involves tediously going through the speech tree and rewinding for a good 15 minutes. The final good thing about the game I have to say is that the atmosphere was superb. This obviously goes hand-in-hand with the environments, which I loved. They took very simple places like a school or a dump, and visualized them in wonderfully unique ways, as well as filled them with small details to pour over. In short, in the 13 hours it took me to complete the game, about 1 hour altogether showed any true potential. Only buy it if you're an edgy fuck, (it's OK, we all had that stage) and/or LOVE meandering, pointless games. (Also almost forgot to mention that it crashed on launch when I bought it, which took 2 hours of googling to fix)
To me, this was a "Meh", but I can clearly see the potential here, so I'm giving it a Recommended instead. Basically, I want you to try the game, and judge it for yourself. Now, here are the issues I had with the game: Personally, I failed to relate to the characters around me. This caused me to just play the game for the gameplay. And if you ask anyone about TellTale's gameplay, they'll probably all agree that it is not the most exiting of things. I ended up getting stuck once, and managed to not understand the puzzle section. Overall, I just felt like the game fell flat on every turn. Now, why do I want you to try this? - Because some of my friends love it. to them, this tells an exiting story through direct means. They get to interact with the characters themselves and each choice feels true and meaningful. Life is Strange is a weird one... :)
Very nice interactive quest with memorable characters, awesome music amd interesting story.
Прошел на ютубе, если бы играл - бросил как любой telltale
«Waste of time»