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Life is Strange review
by zNeverSleep

This game is powerful.

For some reason, even though that's my second playthrough, I can stop being emotionally damaged by this game. Actually, knowing some stuff about certain characters made some minor decisions harder. The difference they made objectively was not high, but your perception around it is what really matters. Making someone laugh, feel motivated, or pissed. You feel all of this with them, and I love this. That's only possible because of how sensitive the creators were and how amazingly developed and relatable the characters truly are.

Talking about sensitivity... hands down. That is one of the best soundtracks ever selected. OST included. I could listen to the main theme for hours. This game would not be that good without those tracks.

But it is perfect? no. But that was the dev's fault? Also no. The graphics and other technical elements could be better. Facial expressions feel off sometimes and clearly characters could not express themselves the way they should. Obviously, that's a financial problem, so it's understandable. And, at least, the actors nail it. Amazing performances.

If you still haven't played this masterpiece, what are you waiting for?
«Blew my mind»
«That ending!»
«Beaten more than once»
«OST on repeat»

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It's alright.
The story while nicely build up and given time to breathe, completely rushes into the toilet in the last episode. Aside from that there is good character writing here, a relaxing and atmospheric soundtrack and a nice implementation of the movie/game gameplay.
«Sit back and relax»
I gave up because games that feel like you must spend a lot of time don't catch me that much. But if you have time, it is worth a chance.
A well told story with somewhat likeable characters, very emotional moments and decent twists
Good story and rich twilight-like west coast small town school atmosphere of first episodes. Great story driven game before mid episode 4. After that story develops weirdly and episode 5 feels overextended.

8 selfies of 10
Interesting concept. It would be nice if the choices led to different storylines or endings.
[i]Life Is Strange[/i] is probably a masterpiece full of flaws. It's one of my favorite [i]walking simulator[/i] games and it has one of the most memorable characters and feelings that i had in a game. [b]Graphically[/b] is great, has a paint filter with pencil drawings on everything with a soft pastel palette which gives the game a dreamy and teen vibe overall. It's not very detailed and a lot of the photographs and graphics on the walls look like hand drawings. The [b]soundtrack[/b] is amazing, composed by a lot of indie artists, match the hipster vibe of our protagonist [i]Max[/i] and the moody and sad story, it goes incredibly well at all times, really fits every scene in particular and as a whole game scenario. [b]Voice acting[/b] is decent, the timbre of the voices is good but the speech feels sometimes weak. The bad lip-syncing doesn't help at all sadly. You probably gonna find a lot of people who would say that [i]Max[/i] has a very questionable voice acting, which is an opinion that i also had in the first episode, but the more you know her, the more than that shy and scared voice becomes essential for her as a character. [b]Gameplay[/b] is very simple, just a point and click mechanic with an interesting time travel feature that makes the game fresher given that u cant take every path the game offers (usually) and unlock some extra dialog. This same feature makes the game impossible to fail, which along with the simplicity of the game as a whole, it becomes one of the most accessibles games out there. [b]I liked[/b] the mystery plot of the story, and how the game focuses on characters, giving a lot of dialogue, reading journals, SMS, and how the environment itself tells you a story every time. You get to know characters directly (by pure dialog) and very indirectly, like by just looking at the scenario. The main plot, the power of time travel, makes the game very loose to interpretation which in addition to the overall emotional drama, makes it very personal. Although, you should take into consideration that the game will never resolve this and it is their intention. The real main plot is the relationship between [i]Max and Chloe[/i] and the death of the last one. Dialogs are very good for the most part, they are very genuine and representative for which character is speaking and the time and scenario of the game. Characters are the best part of the game, most of them are very likeable and unique. [i]Max and Chloe[/i] are probably two of my favorite characters on a videogame ever, both very different but complementaries. [i]Max[/i] makes a great protagonist for a [i]walking simulator[/i] given her introspective nature, emotional but very introverted mind with a power that forces her to interact with the world, which, she isn't very good at it, making her very genuine and honest at all times. Her power acts as a second chance for every event that she thought of surpassing her comfort in order to do what she really wanted to, a thing that is very connected to her blame for never answering her best friend that now is dead. [i]Chloe[/i] makes the perfect drama character given her tragic nature, loneliness, and rebellious personality, making her very relatable. [b]The main problem[/b] i can find on this game, that it is on every [i]Life of Strange[/i] game, and in a lot of these [i]walking sim / interactive story [/i]games, is that the end is reduced to a binary choice and that all the choices you choose before that, doesn't matter. In fact, you can play the last chapter and still complete the game. However, i think because of the nature of the main plot and because the choices do matter before the end and are reflected in the world, this game is all about the progress before the ending, and i got a lot of entertainment and emotions during it that i forgot the negativity i felt in the ending. Overall, i think if you are a person that loves story-driven games, you like emotional dramas and want a very accessible game, Life Is Strange might be the masterpiece that you are looking for, i don't want to spoil anything, but there is at least one episode that makes the game worth it.
enough to make me cry and shit myself 10/10
Telltale's best.  Oops, I mean Dontnod's best.