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Resident Evil 6

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Bioterrorism ... Terrorists infect the US President with a vaccine that makes him an aggressive zombie. And one of the heroes of the game will have to kill him. Behind the terrorists, there is a mafia organisation that wants to hide the truth about the impossibility to control the biological weapons developed by it, which turns people into zombies. Bioterrorists opposed by a detachment of special forces - it serves two other characters.
The action of the game periodically turns from a personal vendetta into a global catastrophe and back. One President-zombie is replaced by whole cities of infected. Zombies and mutants, bioterrorists, special forces and mercenaries - they all act constantly, fight and survive in open territories and secret bases.
In total, you can play for seven characters, including a woman - the head of terrorists. Four story campaigns, after going through one line of the plot, you can choose another lens and see the events from a different perspective.
There are many enemies, but ammunition drops out of them after death. The more dangerous is the enemy, the more ammo is dropped. In hand-to-hand combat, various combo attacks help. The complete passage of the game is described as approximately 25 hours of pure action.

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Defeat 100 player-controlled agents and 100 player-controlled creatures.
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Win 10 times.
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Resident Evil 6 reviews and comments

i hate this fucking game. i hate it so much. when i see it i just want to die. i feel my blood boiling and my skin burning and my eyes watering, my heart drops and i feel like fire is consuming my entire body. why is capcom so evil and cruel? i hate it i hate it i hate it
«Disappointment of the year»
«Waste of time»
i wouldn't recommend re6 to my worst enemy
«Ugly as my life»
The best co-op game I’ve ever played. The Steam version is even better than the console one. The single campaign is awesome too, not like in other Resident Evil titles, and this makes it special for me.  
This game is a torture. It consists of tons of awful platforming; you can see nothing because of janky cameras. Even the story doesn’t compensate this pain, cause it’s boring and shallow. Better in co-op, if you have somebody to share in this nightmare.  
Nice RE entry, not the best one but playable though mostly concentrated on action. Nice for local 2p co-op actually.
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