Great Short Games

Created Sep 5, 2019 by Julien Kaspar
A list of my personal favourites of short games. These might have a their genius in their story, storytelling, gameplay-mechanics, art-style, soundtrack or a great mix between them.
These games generally don't take longer than 10 hours. Some that go above that are episodic games which divide the run time into a couple hours each.
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    The successor to the first Monument Valley with more refined art-style, music, puzzles and another touching story.
      A beautiful, tragic, (and as weird as it sounds) single-player-coop game where you explore a mystical world while playing 2 sons who are trying to find a cure for their dying father.
      Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist screenshot
        A very short and free comedy game from the designer of the Stanley Parable. nuff said
          One of the original brilliant indie-hits. A Mario-like platformer that uses a clever rewind mechanic to provide an impressive set of puzzles.
            A simple, isometric, puzzle-game that mainly plays with perspective and overcoming/exploiting the Escher staircase.
              This game is what happens when you turn Pinball into a cute, open-world, metroidvania. Very unique!
              Jazzpunk screenshot
                Short, comedy game with a lot of random humour that rewards experimentation.
                  A game with a massive amount of style. A great mix of a chaotic stealth game and a manic jazz soundtrack.
                    A game where you search and watch a large collection of stolen video recordings out of sequence and in pieces, with a lot of lies, missing info and red herrings to keep the story twisting and turning.…
                    The Beginner's Guide screenshot
                      Self aware game-critique on the relationship between author and audience and on interpreting someone's personality and intent from their work.
                      Thomas Was Alone screenshot
                        A little story focused, puzzle-platformer with beautiful music, that manages to make you deeply feel and care about a bunch of single-coloured, voiceless rectangles.
                          A brilliant example of how gameplay mechanics don't age, by remaking a classic from the 80s with just updated graphics and music. It even has buttons to switch between the old & new on the fly.