Game Critics Awards: Best of E3 2018 Winners

Created Jul 2, 2018 by RAWG Editorial
Here are the best games of E3 2018. To be eligible for nomination, games must be "hands-on playable" to voting publications for at least 5 minutes of gameplay during the conference. According to this rule, some games were disqualified. But those that stayed totally deserve their victory. Enjoy!
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    Best of Show Resident Evil 2 is a huge remake of the game that was released in 1998. The developers will change graphics, monsters and sounds. The title will be out on January 25, 2019.
      Best Action Game / Best PC Game Anthem raises questions but stays impressive and anticipated. In this game you'll need to save the world once again - in huge flying costumes this time.
        Best Fighting Game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate ensured its victory by adding to the game this huge amount of characters. When 65 heroes join forces, they win.
          Best Strategy Game If you need to choose a great strategy game, pick any title of the Total War series - and you'll make no mistake.
            Best Original Game Dreams is a sandbox game, focused on the user-generated content. In this game you have a freedom to create anything you want. If you always wanted to make a world of your dreams, the time has come.
              Best Action/Adventure / Best Console Game No surprise Marvel's Spider-Man was named the best action-adventure and console title of E3 2018. The community was waiting for the gameplay, and wasn't disappointed. The game looks intense and dynamic, it has a variety of enemies and intriguing locations. 
                Best Racing Game And arguably the most realistic. Playground Games added changing of the seasons, more maps and made the game so stunning that it became more than just a video game for all fans of racing.
                  Best Family/Social Game Crazy cooking adventure returns with Overcooked! 2. You need to save the world by feeding monsters (and that sounds promising, doesn't it?).
                    Best VR/AR Game Tetris is a classic that never gets old. And the possibility to play it in VR only makes it better and closer to the new generation of players.
                      Best RPG Just imagine that you can visit worlds of Pirates of the Carribean and Frozen, and stop asking questions about this game.
                        Best Sports Game Though Ronaldo has a bad luck at the World Championship this year, you still have a chance to lead him to the victory in one of the best football simulators ever.
                          Best Online Multiplayer While Battlefield V is quite a controversial game, it's hard to argue that the commnity is waiting for it. And even some "unrealistic" details won't stop players from having fun in its online multiplayer.