Games You Should Never Forget

Created May 7, 2018 by Gorfest
These are so subjective! Mostly these are the games when someone mentions them I go "Goddamn, what a game!" and a warm fuzzy feeling starts in my body.
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Max Payne screenshot
    At loss for words to say about this game, but how can you not love this beatiful gem of gunplay.Oh what a game for a teenager me.
      This is very subjective as all this list, but Persona 5 was there for me as noone ever was. And other Persona games should be up here as well, but I don't want to clatter up the space.Farewell, Joker!
      Super Mario Bros. screenshot
        I'll tell you a story of how I once went to grab a bite of my sandwich and accidentally pulled the cables of my World-5 run with my brother. Oh, I told it already, but yeah, funniest co-op times in my…
        Silent Storm screenshot
          WWII setting, a great tactical, turn-based strategy RPG. I was invested into my characters, they were my squadron!
          Mortal Kombat screenshot
            Yep, I mean, hello ratings for games!