Guilty Pleasure

Created May 10, 2018 by Gorfest
It's the games I know they could have been better, but still fun and no matter what anyone says, I remember them with fondness.
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PROTOTYPE screenshot
    It's dumb, fun, mindless action, what's not to like!
    EA SPORTS FIFA 16 screenshot
      I ate these games from 2009 like a kid ate sweets on his every birthday. The career mode, Ultimate Team (tons of money wasted to get an IF Messi), oh what a mess! I raged, I laughed, I cried but still…
      Lula: The Sexy Empire screenshot
        Yep, you're playing a porn mogul, it is what it is...Also, I was a 12-year old kid...
        Dragon Age 2 screenshot
          Yeah, it was a step in the wrong direction with dumbing down the gameplay, narrowing the possible races, putting all the story in one city, but man it was fun!
            First Exclusive on PS3 and I loved it! Yeah, it was QTE mess sometimes, the story was meh, but still, so cool!
              The marketing for this game was completely different from what it was. Also it was buggy, laggy, but come on, it was a fresh breath in zombie-killing industry. And I think they perfected it in Dying L…