The Best Pac-Man Games

Created Oct 10, 2018 by MeZev
In 1980 Midway could hardly imagine that a simple arcade game would become a cultural phenomenon. But today everybody knows Pac-Man and I bet you've played at least one of these games. But if you are too young or just curious which one to choose from over 30 titles, here are the best Pac-Man games, gently selected for you.
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PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ screenshot
With Championship Edition DX you get the classic Pac-Man arcade but with better visuals, three different modes and higher difficulty. Go through levels, pick up dots and avoid (or attack) ghosts. You can even collect ghosts so they will follow you if you eat them in time. Championship Edition DX did a very important thing: it made a retro game feel fresh and reminded the old fans of it how addictive Pac-Man was years ago. 
Pac-Man: Adventures in Time screenshot
If the fact that you play a Pac-Man title is not time traveling enough for you, try this game. Unlike the original one, it has a plot - and you are going to be a hero! Evil ghosts infected four ancient worlds using a time-machine, and only Pac-Man can save the world now. Don't miss the opportunity to visit prehistoric times, Ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages, and the Wild West as a yellow round creature (not an ordinary tourist!).
Pac-Man World 3 screenshot
Pac-Man World 3 turns the dreams of many mascot's fans real: Pac-Man gets a "serious" title with awesome melee combat and fighting, more or less adult fantasy plot and the speaking protagonist. The plot twist also smashes the classic concept: this time you need to work together with ghosts to protect the world from the great evil. So maybe if you think Pac-Man games have nothing to surprise you with, you need to try this one.
PAC-MAN Party screenshot
    It's dangerous to go alone, so take a friend with you and return a cookie recipe together! Set off on a dangerous mission to the castle of your sworn enemies - Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde - and take what they've stolen back. Accompanied by AI teammates or your friends in the co-op mode, overcome all the obstacles and save the party!
    PAC-MAN 256 screenshot
    Actually, 256 level in the original Pac-Man game had a critical bug that didn't allow to finish the game. One side of the level looked like a mess of colorful symbols. The developers from Hipster Whale turned it into a feature. The entire game now consists of the only level -  the endless maze where you follow the classic rules. The only exception: this maze slowly decomposes. So hurry up! This Pac-Man game leaves you no time to relax.
    Pac-Man Collection (2001) screenshot
    Does anyone here have a Game Boy Advanced? Or maybe a Wii U Virtual Console? If so, you have a great opportunity to play a very old set of games - Pac-Man Collection. Old but gold, of course! It includes four classic titles: Pac-Man, Pac-Mania and Pac-Man Arrangement, and Pac-Attack. The last one is for those who don't like to split Tetris and Pac-Man as they are a perfect match.
    Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness screenshot
      At first sight, Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness seems to be a nice fairy tale with a female protagonist for girls to associate themselves with. There are all necessary elements here: a witch, an old sorcerer, a princess, and a brave hero - Ms. Pac-Man. But look closer and you will see a challenging puzzle game you will be proud to complete.
      PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures 2 screenshot
      Have you got spooky already? Actually, The Ghostly Adventures 2 has nothing to do with Halloween (besides the fact that Pac-Man in this game looks really creepy). Like its predecessor, this title is set in a fantasy 3-dimensional world you need to save from the ghosts. Pac-Man now has hands, so you get wider platforming possibilities. And you can finally hold a gun. Tremble, enemies!
      PAC-MAN Friends screenshot
      Have you ever thought why Pac-Man is always all alone? Because its friends are trapped by ghosts, of course! And now it's time to rescue them. PAC-MAN Friends offers you not only bright and creative levels, no - it gives you (and Pac-Man) the purpose to fight and to start the game over and over again. Well, forget this pathos. Just try this simple piece, it's adorable and fun.
      Pac-Man Vs. screenshot
        Pac-Man Vs. finally provides you a real rival instead of soulless AI ghosts. You just need a friend which will manage them while you are trying to collect all the dots and escape. So take your Game Boy Advanced, connect it to the Game Cube system and have fun! Just kiddin'. No matter what they say, Nintendo Switch makes lives easier.
        PAC-MAN & Galaga Dimensions screenshot
          Meet the most ambitious crossover of all time! Oh, wait... I wish it was a crossover but it's just a compilation - quite interesting, I need to say. Besides original Pac-Man and Galaga it features four more titles. Pay extra attention to Pac-Man Tilt where you can play with gravity and Galaga Legions where you can manage two satellites at once.
          Pac-Man World Rally screenshot
          What a Pac-Man collection without a rally game! I guess there is a driving simulator about every popular game mascot. And while World Rally itself doesn't add anything new to the genre, every Pac-Man fan now has an opportunity to prove they're the fastest. What can be better than, tired of the endless mazes, choose one of the tracks and drive? 15 routes, 4 modes, awesome music - and the beloved yellow ball you play as.