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This is my latest project, and probably my most ambitious so far. So far it's just a working title, but as the game takes place on 100 randomly generated cubes, I think it's fairly accurate.

The idea came to me whilst I was working on a simple procedural generation system. Inspired by games like "Islanders", "Godus" and "Age of Empires 2", "100 Cubes" is a time-based puzzle god-game that allows the player to reign over a tribe of villagers, managing their resources and controlling their advancement.

The game will begin with the player placing their tribe's first hut. From there, the first villagers will be able to build the basics, a forester and a farm. Points will be awarded to the player based on strategic placement of buildings. For example, the closer some trees are to the forester, the more points will be awarded. As the player racks up their points, more buildings become available to them, first a quarry and a granary, then a mine and a stockpile. Eventually, if the player manages to get enough points, they will be able to create a true civilisation, with temples, taverns and markets.

There is a time element, too, however. As well as needing to gain points, the player must gain them in a timely manner. Well-placed buildings will allow for faster resource gathering and therefore faster progression. Poorly-placed buildings will mean the villagers will spend too much time gathering their resources, and will have no time to relax and progress their civilisation! The player's progression will stagnate, and the game will be over.

The project is currently quite barebones, intended as more of a showcase of the core mechanics than anything. Progress is quite quick at the moment, so I hope to update the build regularly here, and hopefully before long there will be something properly playable uploaded!

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Dan Latchford
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Last Modified: Jan 13, 2020

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