1000 Cocktails of Fruits

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A fun and addictive game where you have to serve Cats, dogs, cows, birds and lots of other funny animals in a limited time!

1000 cocktails of fruits is perfect for children: no violence but thought and fun!

Guests come to your restaurant for a fruit cocktail, find them a free seat, serve them quickly to get a quill and clean their table once they're gone so new customers install ... and all this in a limited time for each of the 37 levels on 4 differents restaurants!

All the game is playable using the mouse so it's more easy for children to play.

7 levels at the beach:

11 levels at the mountain:

8 levels at the castle:

11 levels in the Cleopatra Night Club:

So 37 levels at all with progressive difficulty
and there are more than twenty customers with different styles (Cats, dogs, cows, birds and lots of other funny animals) to serve,
you'll have fun all summer long and more!

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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