12 is Better Than 6 reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
12 is Better Than 6 is playfully very oriented towards the related title Hotline Miami, which controls itself from the same Camera perspective, offers fast and intense Firefights and accomplish this with an atmospheric Soundtrack. However, I must therefore address the same Criteria that bothered me at Hotline Miami. Especially the twisted Perspective, or rather the playing Environment. It is not always clear where Cover is available or in which direction an Opponent is looking, which is more likely to do harm than good in such a Game based on speed and Responsiveness. In General, the Field of View is also too limited to have a clear View of the Battlefield. And thanks to the Simplicity of 1 Hits = Death-Mechanics, one often feels Unjustly withdrawn to the Beginning of the Level. Only if I hadn't touched the Game, these Mechanics would be as bad as they sound. In fact, I find the Main Elements in 12 is Better Than 6 better implemented, because here the Focus has been clearly placed on Long-distance combat. Unlike in HM, there is the Possibility to Reload, which reduces the compulsive Change of Weapons and thus also the Speed of the Game. Unfortunately, I noticed another negative Point here; The AI of the Opponents is so stupid that I often stood at a Corner and just waited until everyone ran in front of me in front of the Shotgun. Basically the Learning Curve of the Game is fine, I had Problems at first, how the ammunition Supply In the Game worked and how to properly reloke and fire, but that was explained very soon by itself and so only the Incomprehensiveness remained a Thorn for me in the Eye. The Artstyle He calls himself "Pen and Paper" and is, as one has probably already noticed on the Screenshots on the Shop page, very contrasting, yet offers a certain Degree of Detail, which in Combination with a physical Shadow cast And The Exaltion of Blood Looks wonderful. Despite the Perspective, you can see what to see without any Colour Playings. But I Particularly liked the Particle Effects that arise when you stubbornly balloon into Walls. Even if I was a little disappointed with the End, the various Sections of The story Were rather positive in my memory. In the first Chapter, one only clumsily sets out to get your Life back on the Line, later one chases behind lost Memories and finally cleveres for Revenge. But the individual jumps in the environment and Time are difficult to relate to, which cannot be due to my English Skills (so much Self-praise may be). And yes, I strongly recommend switching to English here, the German Translation was carried out stumpidly, as you can even see on the Shop side ... Where I found all the Characters, except for the Anti-hero Jésus quite nice, my Opinions about the Protagonist split. On the one Hand, I like him to insist on knowing what he has lost spiritually. On the other Hand, however, I hate how attempts have been made to make him seem "cool"; Excessive Violence in the Dialogues and the Conclusions and Opinions he draws. All because he loathes the Gringos but is otherwise an equally big A hole. Unfortunately, I fear, the Story and its Characters will be Forgotten after an unspectacular Finale. Conclusion Important: This Review was written by Sending a Game for Review purposes. Price/Performance for money: Well-> I needed 4.8 Hours to Play Through, but the Game still offers an Arena mode by completing Waves to climb up a Leaderboard. Replay Value is not mandatory. Rating: Good-> Vocal shooter According to hotline Miami game principle, but also with many Quirks. Unfortunately, the Plot cannot convince and There are weaknesses in the Gameplay. The Game, however, is right, with its grandiose Soundtrack and interesting Art-style, the Overall Impression for The Better. DLC – buy recommendation: The Soundtrack is currently available for €3to, but if you're on westerns with strong Guitar Influence, you don't want to curse some atmospheric Calm, shouldn't miss it. Appendix This Review is Part of the Curator, the German _ Gamer _ Community, if you find it appropriate or helpful, please visit us.