2000 Navidson Lane

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Sometimes, when things got tight and rent was coming up, you'd take odd jobs that paid in cash to make ends meet.

This time, you responded to an ad made by someone who owned an investment home nearby -

they hadn't visited it recently and wanted to have someone drop by to make sure everything was okay. Weather damage was their main concern.

Forty bucks for maybe an hour's worth of work sounded pretty good. All you had to do was drive over, record some video of the house, check the rooms, and send the video when you got home.

A thunderstorm beat you there by only a few minutes' time. You hurried up to the front porch and dug around in one of the flower pots for the spare key you were told should be there; bingo.

You let yourself in the front door, and immediately something didn't feel right. This house is supposed to have been vacant for months. Why was the TV on? Why were there dishes in the sink? Was someone there?

You stepped further inside, despite your concerns. You'd be quick, and if anyone was there, you'd just leave. Simple.


2000 Navidson Lane is a brief, atmospheric horror game made in 7 days for DreadXP's Found Footage Game Jam 2022. In it, you will explore a house. Yep! Enjoy!


MovementWASD, Arrow keys
InteractE, Left Mouse Button

A quick note:

Due to the jam length/deadline, I've skipped a couple of features I normally try to include in my releases (like the most basic graphics, sound, or accessibility options). If you're interested in this game, but can't play it because one of those features is missing, please leave a comment or message me directly (twitter, discord) and I'll try to update the game soon to help!

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Last Modified: Apr 11, 2022

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