2002: A space Nursery

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2002: A space Nursery is a chaotic couch co-op babysitting game for one or two players.

You take on the role of space parent robots to care for multiple babies until your faulty space-ship has fixed itself.

It is the Year 2002 and the colonialization ship Last Hope 2 is silently driving among the star on its way to a far away planet on which life for humanity should begin anew. And while this was supposed to be a smooth ride the ships core AI F05-TER has activated the emergeny caretaker robots.

It turns out the Incubation-Control for the ships infant passengers is malfunctioning and they are waking up from their sleep way too early. F05-TER is working hard on fixing the error in the ships system, but it will take some time during which the newborns need tending.

This is where you come into play!

You are a caretaker robot model ‘P4R3-NT’ and it is your job to feed, clean and put the newborns to bed, while also making sure the malfunctioning ship does not fall apart.

The game can be played on either a shared keyboard or with two gamepads. Alternatively Player 1 can use a controller and Player 2 the keyboard.

This game was originally developed for the 46th Ludum Dare Gamejam under the name P4R3NTing 101. After recieveing a lot of good feedback and seeing how much fun people were having with the game I decided to expand on it and turn it into this.

The provided demo lets you play the first 6 levels of the game. I have many more ideas for future levels (some of which I have already implemented). My plan is to keep working on the game and end up with at least 21 levels. 

Any feedback is apprechiated and will help me to further improve the game. Also please inform me of any bugs you might find in the game. You can reach me through itch or my twitter.

A game by @AndideBob

Music by @DJBBone

Font (Futile Pro) by @somepx

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Not rated

System requirements for PC

2002: A space Nursery screenshot, image №2384780 - RAWG
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Last Modified: May 15, 2020

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