2018 Queen City High School Game Jam

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On November 9th and 10th of 2018, members of the BGS community teamed up with five teams of grade school students from the Western New York region to design and develop the students' first video games. With the theme of the jam being "Better Buffalo", five games were created, and you can check them out right here!

Super Buffalo: Hooves of Hope

Charge through the streets of Buffalo as a (Super) Buffalo, dodging traffic, picking up trash, and feeding the homeless with your back-strapped chicken wing cannon. Created by students from the Lewis J Bennett School of Innovative Technology.

Buffalo Buddies

Chase through the park, rescuing the lost animals in this infinite runner. Created by students from WNY STEM.

Buffalo's Buffalo Delivery Royale

The citizens of Buffalo are hungry and its up to you, the trusty Buffalo, to get them their wings! Created by students from the Buffalo Academy of Science.

Buffalo Plow!

There's been a snowstorm in Buffalo and the kids need your help! Rescue as many as you can before you complete the level! Created by students from Frederick Law Olmsted School.

The Queen City High School Game Jam was made possible by sponsorship from WNY STEM, Infotech WNY and AT&T.

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