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270 | Two Seventy US Election

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Do you have what it takes to become President of the United States? Can you win the Two Seventy (270) Electoral Votes needed for victory in the US Election?

In this strategic race for power, Two Seventy (270) Electoral Votes are required to claim victory in the US Election.

During the US Election, each state holds a different campaign cost and number of Electoral Votes to be won, so you must use strategic thinking to plot your way to the needed Two Seventy (270).

There are many strategic elements to consider in this US Election. You'll have to target Geographic Groups, as well as Special Interest Groups, if your campaign is to be successful in accumulating Two Seventy (270) Electoral Votes.

So battle it out on the road to the White House by running against political opponents in key states, winning over interest groups and accumulating Electoral Votes to become President!

270 | Two Seventy - Win the US Election
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Political Games LLC
Political Games, Inc
Political Games LLC, Political Games, Inc.
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Last Modified: Oct 22, 2019

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270 | Two Seventy US Election reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from French
This game is a nugdo buried under the river. The game has almost no player on steam so the game is at the bottom of the list in the bottoms of free games. For a political enthusiast and especially American the game is really hanging and exciting. The game is free and takes two seconds to be installed, you are messing against the bots because you do not know how to play then you understand how it works 2-3 parts later. This game is understood in three parts maximum even mastery but the victory it is something else. In multi the starting matchmaking will make you face AFK, leavers and nunuches. Spend your 10-15 wins the game will gate. The game is quite the opposite of a pay-to-win the paid characters are for 90% of the cases quite void or even useless there or some (Obama, Lincoln, Trump 2020 are very advantuned). The players are fucking tryharders and little bitches. How to explain, the game has no rules or no anti cheat so everything is possible. A multi game with 5 or 2 players are literally on you without fighting each other? No it's not a coincidence it's just buddies who put themselves on a same player to get it out and end up at 2. You think a player is AFK and is going to be ejected? Nope he just pretended to be AFK for you oneshot a vital State. A player lost? Instead of forfeit or fight it will let the counter turn (that the game lasts well 20 years) and will annoy the player responsible for his defeat (Poseidon's syndrome) just to annoy. Some players come out of the money from nowhere (cheat), there is no postponement system or find the guys you have to face (so this is the free way to all cheaters and Toxics). The system of paid characters is a scam = > 6.50 euros per month to play all the characters of which except 2-3 draws? Laughing out loud. Or you can pay a particular character on a game like this: 4 euros. Laughing out loud. And finally the developer clearly does not know his country and the map is not balanced or logical. Afro in Arizona? Of course not.... On the other hand there are 0 Afro in Missouri, Arkansas, New Jersey and Ohio.... Latinos in New Jersey of course.... Montana that represents nothing (as much insulting a State and its inhabitants). So many examples to give but it would take the night. Balancing at the State level and the money to spend is catastrophic. (Florida 29 voters 5 groups 100K = > New York 29 voters 5 groups 150K why????) Literally for win the 3/4 games are summarized as: take Texas, California, Florida. Here you have the oil, Latinos, agriculture and good progress in the afros and the swing States. The national groups MEH they ask for more money than they make in real. So good the game is nice to the limit between buddies but in multi with randoms flee. Even when paying for the advantages you are not even on to increase your chances of win.
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