4/4 Room

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4/4 Room is a rogue-like game. 

===12/18 UPDATE=== 
Post-Compo Release! 
- Player & enemies display their level now. 
- New gameplay: Enemies no longer move now, and they will drop keys. (probalility base on enemy's type) 
- Chests now need a key to open it. 
- Better game balance! 
- Add music toggle button. 
- Now you can press R to restart game anytime. 


How to Play 
[clean the map -> replace the map -> clean the map -> ...] 

1. Choose a card right side, and choose a zone to place the card on. 

2. Info on cards shows number of enemies and chests. 

3. If you get stuck by walls, click the hammer in the inventory, and just move toward a wall to destroy it. 
This action consumes the hammer so use it wisely. 

4. Weapons and armors take effect when in the inventory, 
but slots are limited in 6, so consider throwing away less good items. 

5. Whenever you place a new card, the game difficulty increase a little bit, 
and scoring factor and item quality would increase as well. 

Dev Tools 
[Flash][AS3][Photoshop][jxfr][Bosca Ceoil] 
Last time LD I said that "I swear this is the last time I use Flash." 
I'm gonna say that yet again :P

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Not rated
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Last Modified: Feb 1, 2019

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