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4th is a weird game. Created over programming studies, it's inspired by clickers and farmers type of games. With a bit of RPG, you assume control over a thinking energy sphere in an empty time-space-universe that takes place before the big bang. Absorb other energies to grow and level up, but be careful, some are stronger and might defy you on the energy trade battle.

Current game version: E
Current Standalone version: E
Last Update: Dec.12.2015

E Version Very Important Update

- This time a new gameplay feature was included: The Strike quick time event alike. When the sign is shown, press the Spacebar or click on the enemy to use this skil;

- Better camera movement: More fluid movement of the camera stops the flickering when moving the player around;

- New particle and sound effects added. Better feedback on your actions;

- Turn off some visual effects for better performance (Q Key to toggle on/off).

Hold Tab in-game for more gameplay infos!

D Version Update

Save game still available. In this version we have added enemy difficulty auto-update as player levels up. New background music, visuals and a work in progress enemy anti-overlap spawn system.

Put the mouse over the player to see your stats.
The trail is your current HP, smaller it gets, less is you available energy.

Tell us what you would like to see in the next updates!


Tab - Instructions and infos

Spacebar - Strike Skill

LMB - Select target and Movement

RMB - Wide View Camera

Scroll Wheel - Camera Height

MMB - Reset Camera

Q - Toggle Visual Effects on/off

L - Load game

K - Manual save game

Hold D + S - Delete saved game

Feedback/Suggestions are highly appreciated!

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Frozen Dog Squad


Release date
Nov 28, 2015
Frozen Dog Squad - Breno Oshiro
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Not rated
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019
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