5 Levels (T. Depraz)

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5 Levels A small platformer game created with Python3 and Tkinter

(Please note this was created as a student project, and contains bugs)

How to play :
  • You will need to have Python3 installed in order to run the game !
  • If you have Python3, just execute either _5levels.py for the base game or Launcher.py to access more options.
  • The goal is to pass 5 levels without dying, with randomly chosen rooms for each level. Each run will be different depending on which rooms you will get. Be aware, that this game can be very frustrating.
  • Use arrows to play, Left and Right to move, Up to jump and Down to go through platforms
  • Esc to pause and unpause game
  • Enter to start
Additionnal content:
  • 5 Levels uses a simple content pack system, that you can access through the launcher. With the launcher, you can launch the game with different resources by entering the name of a pack located in the "resources" folder. Anyone can create their own pack to use with game.
  • A content pack contains sprites, but also levels. You can create your own levels by following templates in the default or debug content pack.
  • The "versions" folder contains older, dev versions of the game. I don't recommend trying them unless you want to see the dev process, as they are highly unstable and mostly unplayable.

Thanks for playing this game, and good luck !

Release date
T. Depraz
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Nov 15, 2019

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