52 Fates

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52 Fates is a unique, easy to play tabletop RPG system that uses a single, standard 52-card deck for combat and skill resolution. Two character classes, four spells, low hit points, and interesting strategic play options make this an unique proposition amongst RPG games. And it all fits in a zini format; A single-double-sided letter-sized page is enough to print all the basic rules included here.

Just get paper and pencil to keep track of game events and you're ready to go!

The adventures of 52 Fates take place in the world of Vreazh, a low-magic, dangerous world full of strange creatures and fantastical locations. There, the whole known world regressed considerably after the Titan Wars a few hundred years ago. There are still no truly large cities, and the biggest of the existing cities and domains live in relative isolation, minding their own business and avoiding the troubles that brought destruction and despair hundreds of years ago.

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Dice Pencil & Paper
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Last Modified: Jul 27, 2019

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