7 days in Q's life

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007 came back from a mission in Russia and started to spend more of his time with Q. Things are shifting between them. Q may or may not be sporting a massive crush on the agent. Will he be able to make a move? How is this week going to change his daily life?

Cheesy story, simple characterization, simple dialogues.

> THREE ENDINGS with only one true ending.

> GAMEPLAY TIME: 15-20 minutes

> AUTHOR’S NOTE: There are two major flaws in this game. You’ll notice the quality of the art falls short sometimes, alas, it was a rushed project I couldn’t devote all of my time to and that I wanted to post it as soon as possible. The second one is that it falls short as a visual novel. It’s more of a fanfiction than a challenging VN. Its primary audience is the 00q fandom, I can’t guarantee it would be very fun if you’re not into 00q, but of course, I’d be very happy if you gave it a chance.

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment, I’m very eager to know what you thought of it!

> CREDITS: Huge thanks to artificial.music for letting me use their beautiful work. Check out their  Soundcloud!


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Last Modified: Apr 17, 2020

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