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7HUES.   : 2D Platformer ; Educational; Non-Conventional 

7HUES is A 2D Platform game for Windows PC platform (available for both 64 bit and 32bit PCs) It is a platform game i.e. you have to collect points while moving on the platform and preventing any contact with obstacles. 

 As the name suggest, the game has 7 levels corresponding to the 7 colours of the rainbow and each level has the theme accordingly. You have to play the role of our ambitious circle shaped player which is capable of moving on the ground platform as well as the roof platform.Each level of the game  is divided into sections that are separated by impenetrable blockers. You have to collect all the points of each section in order to destroy the blockers that block you from progressing to the part of the level ahead..As you progress to new levels the game becomes more thrilling and difficult.Non-Conventionally,in this game the ground and the ceiling both act as platform for the player which is affected by very low gravity and after each level there is a set of educational facts based on a particular subject.

The challenge to you are the half-star shaped obstacles  as they will obstruct your progress.You will lose 1 life when you contact any obstacle and with each new level the obstacles will change their way of troubling you i.e. by moving in an unfavourably new way. The way you prevent the player from contacting them is the only difficulty of this game..You can move the player on the ceiling by - holding the upper key.As the player sticks to the upper wall, you can then go forward or backward by using the right or left arrow respectively to move.In case any obstacle traps you..Don't worry! You have 3 Lives to continue your journey of enjoyment.. 

At the end of each level you will get the opportunity to explore a few Educational facts extracted from verified sources based on a particular subject. If you wish you can read these facts separately through the option 'Fact Voyage' available in the Main Menu.
Use Keyboard Arrows to move the player(left,right,up and down) and press 'P' key after you complete any level to proceed to the next level when instructed.

Release date
Pourush Pandey
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Sep 27, 2019

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