90 Second Coffee Dash

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Quickly make as many coffees as you can in 90 seconds, 

Each correct item in the right order is worth 100 points. 

Use the “A” and “D” or the arrow keys to move your tray. 

Then use the mouse to fill up the cup with the correct contents. 

Then finally deliverer the drink to the area at the end with the stars.

The waiter with the balloon will tell you what they want in their drink and in what order.

Sometimes the orders are fussy and want 2-3 shots of the same thing hit the button twice or it won't count, sometimes the customer is a pain. 

This game was made for Trijam # 57: The 3 hour game jam

Only thing not made in the game within the 3 hours is the waitress is an old asset I had from an art project. Enjoy

GitHub Link - https://github.com/Ignisdeus/3_hour_Game_Jam

Release date
Michael Carstairs
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Not rated
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Last Modified: Feb 17, 2020

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