99 Days To Earth

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Initially you'll be attacked without defenses, this won't last long as you'll immediately be offered shields by a nearby seller.

After that, you'll need to click the icons at the bottom of the screen at appriopriate times.

  • Lasers / Torpedoes - click these to fire weapons when you see a hostile alien ship on screen.  There isn't a 100% chance of a hit, so look/listen for cues on if you hit the enemy.  Be patient, shooting when there is not enemy, or after they've already been hit, will just waste ammunition.
  • Shields - click these to enable at any time.  The shield will make you invulnerable for an entire day.  Best to use when you see your first ship.  If you click when theres no more ships to fight for the day, your shields are wasted.
  • Space Mines - Unlike the lasers and torpedoes, these have a 100% hit rate.  However, they have to be deployed before the alien ship shows up. Deploying after a ship leaves or is destroyed will have it in place for the next, unless no more ships show up that day.

your resources are your life, but it's also your currency in space.  Some aliens will sell you weapons and defenses in exchange for food, water, and oxygen.  Once you run out of any resource, your crew will start to die off.  Lack of oxygen kills the quickest, then water, then food.


  • Alien fighters and Bombers - These will attack you unprovoked.  You can defend yourself with a shield, or by killing them first with any of the three offensive weapons
  • Alien merchants (sellers) - These aliens will sell you lasers, torpedoes, shields, and space mines in exchange for food, water, and oxygen.  Your resources are valuable, so only buy what you need!
  • Alien merchants (buyers) - A little more rare, these will show up when you're very low on resources.  They can sell you food, water, or air in exchange for some of your crew members.  Why do they want your crew members? Best to not think about it.


The goal is to get back to Earth.  You're 100 days out at the start of the game.  Throughout the days, you might be attack or you might have opportunities to barter.  You're not going to win every time, but the real fun is getting as far as you can each time.

Release date
Shaolin Dave
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Not rated
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Last Modified: May 3, 2019

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