9th Dawn II reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
After reading that there's a Clunky Controlls edition of 9th Dawn, I had to laugh. If the second Part is an Increase compared To the first, I don't want to know how it played out. But in turn: 9th Dawn II is an Action RPG with bouncy SHAPES and from the Presentation it is not even so unsympathetic to me. The Music is nice and the Graphic Style I also find quite appealing. For the Price, the whole Thing even goes pretty OK, I personally just had a whole big Problem with the Game: I don't Enjoy it at all. Everything is artificially dragged, inventory management is fiddly And everything lasts forever. Whether that's the Trips from A to B or leveling a particular Weapon Genus, who wants to play 9th Dawn II should bring Patience. Here, there you have a new Piston that does much more Damage than the other Rotz that has been found so far. what? You chose a different Type of Weapon? Well, then off to the City and buy you the Level 0 piston. Go with it to cllink wolves until you know how to hold the new Piston. I'm just not a Fan of it when a Value forbids me from carrying a Gun. If it is supposed To do less Damage until I have upgraded the appropriate Weapon status, but I consider it a Design Flaw to prohibit me from using it Altogether. What good is the Thing to me if it just completes my Inventory until I reach the desired Digit? "Bring the Gun to the Bank after all and keep it for as long!" The Game says. ' Super, if I can use them, I've forgotten I've got the Thing at all! Maybe there's a new Weapon in the Shops until then, which was completely pointless in the End, "I reply. I can't understand why you pack high-level Items in Starting Dungeons. "With that, the Player can look forward to later if he is strong enough to use that weapon!" The Game declares proudly. "That doesn't benefit me now, though!" I shout. "I need a reasonable Weapon that I can use at this Moment and not later." "Well, if you need a reasonable Weapon, you can go to the next City and buy one for yourself," the Game says, wrapping his Hair around his Finger. I can't think of anything and I pass through the extensive Areas full Of Washcloth, because my Character is too strong for this Area-I would have liked a Quick Travel Function. As mentioned above, I find The item management Horrible. The Quickslotable works in such an adventurous Way that I equipped myself with the wrong item several times and had to go into the inventory to create the right Object-in Combat, mind you. This Circumnavigation runs through the whole Game. Some Puzzles require you to pull blocks of stone Somewhere, but they naturally move much slower than your own Character, so you sneak through the Dungeons. What the Stone Blocks don't have in pace, the moving Platforms are catching up for them, because they whizz through the Area at an Outrageous Rate that I have fallen into an Abyss more than once, because some of the Assholes do not wait a Moment until You got on it. From That, the Switch Libe went to me at some point to the Pointer. You reverse a Switch that opens a Gate on the other Side of the Dungeon, so you run through the whole Bude again to press another lever that again lifts a Gate for which you have to go through the entire Cave again. So you can stretch the Playing Time artificially. After feeling 739,000 Goals, you then go to the next Floor of the Dungeon and let opponents you not be up to at all, because the Game thought putting up a Cockblock would be funny. 9th Dawn II has been developed with a lot of love and I notice that to the Game as well, but there are so many little Things that give me the Fun that I couldn't bring myself to play it through to the End. I just lost pleasure and no Motivation to try again because I know full well that there is a new Dungeon waiting for me somewhere doing the same Shit again. Too Bad about it.