A-110 in Death Star

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A short school project made with Stencyl.

Game name is A-110 in the Death Star.
Game Theme Was Science fiction that about earth is getting lesser "BluesFuels" and in that time
human's technology are all rely on this fuels. One day, the UN has found a planet
that built by a unknwon person that store lots of "BluesFuels" in it. The UN also
found out that the person has death and left a letter mentioned that he came from the
future and this is to help the human to get over the trouble. So, they sent a robot to
the planet to collect the fuel. But in the meanwhile, people of the Unknown person has 
set certain security to avoid stealing from the bad guy and the alien, player has to 
act as the robot to collect a certain amount of the "BluesFuels" or collect the core 
"BluesFuels" that run the planet to complete the mission. After that, the game will end and
the robot will be send back to planet earth. Basically, this game is a game that player act as 
the robot and collecting the BlueFuels as fast as possible because once player get in the planet
security boomb timer will start ticking and meanwhile avoid bad situation happens.

Player movement Key: D to move right, A to move left, Space Bar to jump, Q to shoot, E to open chest, W to shield up, Tab to change mode.

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Not rated
A-110 in Death Star screenshot, image №2128412 - RAWG
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Last Modified: Aug 12, 2019

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