A Bedtime Story

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This was made for my 2D Games Design Project at LSBU. It consists of a prototype single level of a puzzle game that involves combining power-ups to complete tasks. The level is basically completed, with some cosmetic bugs/placeholders left in. Overall I think it's quite an enjoyable experience and as my first proper gaming project I consider it a success.


You play as Sarah, mother of Jack who was reading a story to her son when all hell broke loose. Mallis, a demon of bad dreams, burst free from the book Sarah was reading and cursed her son. Sarah pleaded with Mallis, asking if she could do something to save her son. Being a cocky demon, Mallis decided she could play a game for her son's life. He ripped up the book that had imprisoned him, and scattered the pages across Sarah's house. He shrunk Sarah and said that he would free her son if she was able to find all the pages of the book before he got bored. Now Sarah must traverse her familiar yet new surroundings, collect the pages and save her son.

Credits can be found in game!


Cut-scene cameras are choppy, and if everything is skipped they will bug out. (The game will still be completable but later cut-scenes will display the wrong cameras)

Tabs in the lore book sometimes flash incorrectly.

Super-double jump occasionally will not jump properly.

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Dan - Showstopping Games
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Not rated
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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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