A Fear Of Heights, And Other Things reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Not Super packed... the sensation of height is badly made so the graphics are low-end. Ripley's plank is the best to tell you!!! On the other hand the base jump gives you a great sensation of Vertigo and displacement. Spiderman mode is nice, but it's still very rough. A quick try made...
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Microsoft from Russian
The Game is very simple, we have about 8 locations with different gags. In General, this demo is suitable for newcomers who are first in VR. But In fact there is nothing to do in it, for 5 minutes. But This is my first game in which I moved not with the help of telepates (before that only The Lab tried). I liked the VR to fall and be a shuttle spider (there is such a scene in the city). Surprisingly captivating. The Thing is quite demanding to the computer, despite its disgusting quality. The Game should be free. The Studio in the game also advertises another game, but seeing this game, do not want to watch their other games. Most even wanted to study the unity, then ponashat acast packs of different bespalti and make their VR game and sell it for 80 rubles. I Think I'd expect success. Now I use PS Move. Two controllers in hand, one on the head, four cameras in the room at the corners and a pile of tweaks and a gemora with PS Move Services, + phone with RiftCat, give basically me an initial VR experience. It is terrible, yes, but there are hands and movement of the head, it is already a joy. Soon I will take Samsung Odyssey/
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Have a Height and Flight anxiety! The Fear Of Flying has improved with me by FSX (Flight Simulator). Learned then that even I can safely control and land virtual Planes in the Air. Of course, the Preoccupation with safety Precautions on Aircraft has also helped to reduce the Fear of Flying. The series "Mayday – Alarm in the Cockpit" then raised my Fears and Concerns about Air travel nutritionally;) Now I thought maybe with "A Fear of hights, and other things" to get used to the Fear Of Heights and thereby reduce it. Unfortunately, I didn't really Feel like I was in Height or even in a dangerous Situation. The Fact is that one is not close enough to the Abyss, but in a safe Place far enough away from the Abyss to be in Danger. You really have to bend far forward in order to perceive the Abyss properly at all. Also, the Graphics are too abstract to be perceived as real. I find the Game "Mount Wingsuite" much more effective! Although the Graphics are not really realistic with "Mount Wingsuite," the Movement does not make this so serious. Of course, Fears are perceived very differently individually, so perhaps one or the other can actually feel Fear or fear through "A fear of hights and other things." Unfortunately, it didn't work out with me! That's why Thumbs down, no Recommendation:(