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Save your cyber soul.

During an upload to Afterlife 2.0 at the moment of your demise, the transfer of data was interrupted. Now your soul is split in two, trapped on two separate memory grids. Above, a reserved memory grid located at the memory address A5, and below, the grid residing at address S0.

The master control program has dispatched soul deleters to clear up the mess, but as a sentient being you're going to want to do everything you can to remain sentient and, perhaps one day, restore your soul back to a single entity. 

Your half-souls are able to send out bursts of karma, capable of destroying soul deleters. 

  • Point your right controller where you would like to direct the karma. Avoid ALL contact between your half-souls and the soul deleters. Hit them and your soul will be deleted. 
  • Move both halves of your soul by pointing the left controller where you would like them to move, but you are only able to emit karma from one half-soul at a time. Point the right controller up or down toward the memory grid holding the soul you want to emit from.

I hope you enjoy the first I've ever made in Unreal! This is my entry to the Epic Mega Jam game jam 2022, made over 7 days.

Have fun!

List any content that was created before the jam:

In-Game: Cortexiphan from dynamedion / we love indies
Menu: Stranger Synths III by Liam Back / licenced from Audiio.com

Everything else was created by me!

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Last Modified: Sep 2, 2022

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