Aaron's Particle Space

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Aaron's Particle Space is a sandbox world that revolves around each individual particle. If you enjoy building objects with real physical properties, solving puzzles, learning more about physical interactions, exploring immense and microscopic worlds, creating dynamic art or even just shooting or blowing things up, then Aaron's Particle Space is for you.

Alpha release - expect the weird and wonderful !

Install instructions

Just download and run. APC runs as a stand-alone executable - no installation is required. All configuration files, screenshots etc, will be created in the same directory from which you run APC.

This second alpha release of APC includes twenty example projects and games:

  • angry_car - get past the obstacle and reach the finish is record time
  • ascii_fireworks - enhanced edition
  • bottle_flip  - land the bottle of water upright  in the shortest time.
  • car_on_a_rope - get the car into the brown net.
  • chaos_test_x4 - chaotic outcome each time
  • circles_within_circles - fly your rocket to the red particle
  • collision_test - ouch
  • fluid_explosion - fluid example
  • fluid_mixer_test - fluid example
  • frubbles – survive the foaming bubbles for as long as possible.
  • lava_and_water - shader example
  • led_display - particle signaling example
  • light_fantastic - pretty lights
  • newtons_cradle - bash those balls
  • psycho_lava - ???
  • rigid_car_test - rigid body destruction
  • signal_lightning -  particle signaling example
  • the_big_bang – collide your particle rocket with the yellow star.
  • the_bucket - follow the particle through 'the machine'
  • tractor_challenge - get the ball into the bucket

System requirements

  • Windows Vista or beyond.
  • A GPU that supports OpenGL 4.3 with at least 2GB of dedicated RAM.


The first time you run APC allow up to 1 minute for the physics engine shaders to optimize. There is no animated loading screen at this stage so please be patient.

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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