AB3 - Of Spiders and Other Nasties

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Welcome to the third game in the Amazonian Battles series. Games in this series are short casual turn based tactical combat games which can easily be played in less then an hour. Your objective in this game is to simply destroy all the monsters in the dungeon. Two new types of monsters were added in this game. The first is a Wolf Spider: This opponent is tough to kill but has an accurate attack that does less damage. The second is a Zombie: This opponent uses its claws to attack, has a higher chance of hitting, and does great damage. In addition to these new opponents you will also face more goblins and bane dogs (first introduced in AB1) and skeletons (introduced in AB2). You must first select your units (there are seven units available to choose from) and then deploy your units. The available units to choose from are as follows: Amazon Archer: This unit has the smallest amount of life points but uses a bow and can attack enemies from a distance. Amazon Battler: This unit uses a two handed sword and does the most damage but has the worst defense. Amazon Gladiator: This unit gets two attacks each round but each attack only does a small amount of damage. Amazon Mauler: This unit uses a hammer and is reasonable at attacks but is the best at defending. Amazon Scrapper: This unit is good at attacking but is not that good at defending. Amazon Skirmisher: This unit is considered to be the average soldier in attacking and defending. Amazon Warrior: This unit has more life points and is good at attacking while being reasonable at defending. After deploying your units you will be able to take your first turn where you either move each of your units, attack enemy units in range or both. More enemies, items and other game components will be added in each new game released in the series.

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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