Abandon Earth!

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Breaking News!  The moon is going to hit Earth.  There's no time to explain why (we're not really sure), but it's definitely going to happen.  We need to evacuate!  For some inexplicable reason, the only way to do this is by slinging a metal ball around some rails!

This was an entry for the Bolt 6 Jam.  This entry was made in about 20 hours, and unfortunately was not completed. The idea was to make a pinball game with a transforming board. You hit targets to gain money, to buy upgrades (including access to a lab), where you gain science to get access to asteroid mining, to eventually build all the stages of a colony ship to escape earth. Every time you lose a ball, earth gets closer, and you're trying to get build the colony ship before the moon hits the earth. 

Sadly, that didn't make it into the Jam version, as the pinball systems took me juuuuust a bit too long to devise.  One more night... just one more... and I'd be able to bring it all together!

The entire board is not visible at the start of the game!  (Hint:  You might need to go to the lab bottle a few times before unlocking the next segment, you need 1000 science to unlock the meteor launch!  This should be about 5 trips to the bottle.)

Also, you need to use the nudge controls in the asteroid.  The original idea was for it to be a low gravity area without flippers and nudges were the only controls.  As the least finished portion of the game, the functionality never made it, but the controls scheme, unfortunately, did.


Left/Right SHIFT - Flippers

Arrow Keys - Nudge

Spacebar - NudgeUp

Assets used:

Bolt  (of course)



Moon image is from NASA.

Everything else is hand created!  I'd also like to thank my daughter for playtesting, and finding all the creative ways to get the ball to escape the level.

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Last Modified: Aug 16, 2019

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