Abandoned Archive

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Welcome to the Abandoned Archive! Traverse through this mysterious labyrinth to uncover its secrets, who knows what spells you will find in this action-filled procedurally generated rogue like!

The Abandoned Archive is a forgotten realm, preserving many mysterious spells. Libraries are places of rest for the Orbite race - a generally peaceful and calm species. However, you find yourself in the centre of an internal dispute and unknowingly pick a side. Fight off waves of Orbites, whilst you scavenge the archive, looking for more powerful spells and the missing pieces of the Core; the ruler of the Orbites. Protect yourself and the prestigious leader of the Orbites, otherwise your odds of surviving will be looking laughable…

The controls are as simple as “W” for up, “A” for left, “S” for down and “D” for right! You can utilise any fascinating spells that you discover, with the usage of left and right mouse button for you primary and secondary spells, respectively. Space bar is used for any special spells you pick up, so watch out for those! You can use the shift or control key to roll, making you temporary invulnerable; great for narrowly dodging attacks. And finally, the “F” key can be used to teleport back to the Core, if it ever requires your protection.


Background Music 3 is "Battle Theme" by Scott Elliott

Background Music 4 is "Shattered Reality" by TheMightyRager

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Last Modified: Apr 24, 2020

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