Abomination Fight Pit Deluxe

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Abomination Fight Pit Deluxe is a competitive platform fighter made in Phaser 3,  currently in alpha.   As it is still early,  you may run into significant bugs or issues.

The game currently supports two players, and is designed for xInput controllers, though support for additional controller types and additional players will come in a future update.


  • Movement:
    • Gamepad: Left Stick
    • Player 1 (KB):   WASD
    • Player 2 (KB): IJKL
  • Jump:
    • Gamepad:  Y/B
    • Player 1 (KB): W
    • Player  2 (KB): I
  • Normal Attack/Pickup Item/Throw Item:
    • Gamepad:    A/RB
    • Player 1 (KB): C
    • Player 2  (KB):  N
  • Special Attack:
    • Gamepad: X
    • Player 1 (KB): F
    • Player 2 (KB): H
  • Air Dash/Pickup Item:
    • Gamepad:  LT/RT
    • Player 1 (KB): Shift
    • Player 2 (KB): Quotes Key

How to Play:

All characters  have the following attacks:

  • GAU (Ground Normal Up)
  • GAN (Ground  Normal Neutral)
  • GAD (Ground Normal Down)
  • AAU  (Air Normal Up)
  • AAN (Air Normal Neutral)
  • AAD (Air Normal Down)
  • GBN (Ground Special Neutral)
  • ABN (Air Special Neutral)
    •  (Usually differs only slightly from GBN)

Some characters  have additional or alternate actions possible while in an attack, for example, Prince Slime can aim his grab and subsequent throw by tilting the stick up, left, down, or right, and Carpenter Chicken can throw their hammers    at    different velocities depending on the analog stick input. 

Additionally, you can instantly turn around by performing an attack in the opposite direction.

All characters can perform the following actions:

  • Dash 
    • By flicking the stick left or right while   on the ground.
  • Turnaround 
    • By slightly tilting the stick in the other direction.
  • Walk 
    • By tilting the stick or after exiting a dash.
  • Air Dash 
    • By pressing the air dash button while inputting a direction, or by not holding a direction you can perform a neutral air dash.
  • Normal Attack
  • Special Attack
  • Jump
    • By pressing the jump button.
  • Short-hop 
    • By tapping the jump button and releasing before jumpsquat ends.
  • Double Jump 
    • Some characters may have more than two jumps.
  • Fast-Fall 
    • Flick the stick down once while in the air to gain a burst of downward momentum.
  • Plat-drop 
    • By holding down  while on a platform or  before landing on a platform.
  • Pickup Item 
    • By performing a normal attack on an item or by air dashing over it.
  • Throw Item 
    • Can be thrown up, down, left, or right.  Items can also be thrown at 3 different speeds, soft by tilting slightly, medium by tilting more than slightly, and heavy by flicking the stick in the desired direction.
    • Trivia:  Characters have different frame data on throwing items. That I'm not listing here.

The following non-character-specific techniques are present in this game:

  • Wavedashing
    • Of course.
  • Pivoting 
    • Cancels horizontal momentum, useful for more slippery characters.
  • Dash-cancelling 
    • You can cancel a dash by performing any attack, and doing so will retain your horizontal momentum.
Release date
Chaim Sirotta
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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