Act of War: High Treason reviews

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Microsoft from French
Stand-alone of "Act of war: direct action", this "high treason" brings back enough content to revive the interest of the original game. Between marine unit, new campaigns, addition of units + concept of mercenary units, there is enough to do. We will regret a multiplayer mode not pushed enough but that could have been a real cardboard. Compatibility also takes a hit and it is regrettable that a job has not been done beforehand before the release of the title on steam. My recommendation is, you will notice, before all the connoisseurs of the original game. For the others, unless you take advantage of balances, you have to admit that "Act of war: high treason" is badly aged. Fans of the franchise when they will be delighted... to wait for the new promising "Act of aggression" component.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Unfortunately, there is only "Recommend this Game Yes or No" No Neutral rating. Although I rate it as not recommended, I rate High Treason as neutral. As a direct Comparative Value, I have Act of War and Act of Aggression (old and new Version), both Titles I really liked, High Treason is a Middledo here. The new Features like Marine, which liked very much, could not quite convince me of the Addon as its Predecessor and Successor. The Problem of the Unity Leadership, in The usual Manier in the goose march in front of the Opponents, the Act of War/Aggression series is no Exception but the RTS Player who already knows C & C and Co knows this and it represents a slight evil. The Text and Voiceover is only in English, is unfortunate in my Eyes but to merge, on the whole you understand everything you need to know, even if you are not powerful in English. The Campaign and Story ... Well, well ... Fun it was but Storytelling I would rather put it in the Series of 0815 Stories. The Campaign itself is actually quite varied, as mentioned a little above, you get the Opportunity to control Ships and Submarines as well as even drop Troops ashore on Some of the Ships. A successful Feature that I honestly missed from the inoff Successor Act of Agression. Why, then, does Neutral be rated when I really liked everything? I pers. That doesn't quite fit the Balance in the Level of Difficulty. While Act of War and Act of Aggression have the Characteristics that makes the AI on Normal as good as nix but is on hard yet to play well, there is no Middle Ground at High Treason. The three Levels of difficulty (Standard, Heavy and very Heavy) differ far too much. At Standard you get the Impression that it is more of a Middle between medium and heavy, the AI does not react to Act of War/Aggression level but also not as aggressively As in Battle Mode against the PC. At the other hand, you get the Feeling as if you're playing against the PC In Battle mode in the middle Of the CAMPAIGN. Among other things, you only have a few Minutes (vll 5 or 6) time to build your Base completely, to graze And To Produce units until the PC sends enemies its Helis, Planes and Troops off every Minute. Nevertheless, all in all, a good Game