Adam's Venture: Origins reviews

This game does not bring anything new.

It can be easily described as a poor version of uncharted with more puzzles instead of guns.

Good Puzzles
Easy Achievements

Lack of a good combat system. (Stealth is also made poorly).
Generic Story with poorly developed characters
«Ugly as my life»
Imagine Uncharted but bad. You those made for Chinese market movies? They have one called 7 Guardians of the Tomb and it stars a drunken Kelsey Grammar. Imagine that bad movie but worse. I bought this for 19 cents to platinum it while I was up late with insomnia and now I'm angry. Like, really angry. Don't play this. Find the people who made it and tell them you hate them.
«Buggy as hell»
«Disappointment of the year»
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Microsoft from Deutsch
Adam's Venture was a small, nice indie production before "Origins," spanning 3 episodes from 2009-2012, and then released as a full edition in a "Chronicles" collection in 2015. Playful as well as story-technical or at all technically never worth the speech and already mightily outdated in his Time, but for me at least basically fun does not come out with "Origins," but a Remake of exactly this Story-with basically Same Levels and same Level Sequence, only in "fancier" Garb and other Puzzles. Unfortunately, the Puzzles are all quite simple, just unfortunately repetitive (oh, you cracked Stage 1 of this Kind of Puzzle? Well then try your hand at Level 2 now! Oh, done, too? Then at Stage 3!!! Oh... So.), the Graphics better but still outdated, doesn't offer much Detail and very obviously cobbled together levels (you can clearly see it where you can swing with the Grab Hook, pull up at Edges or interact with Objects) and animations as well as Conversations from Hell. This is so 2001 that it is difficult to get dressed in these days. The Control seems "hunty" and the Reaction of the Characters "belated," the Story is boring and the Duration of The game at 3h is far too short in Relation to the outrageously high Price. I played through it, but rather as a Reference to see what has become of this Series. Adam's Venture died with that Part for me. Rip.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
First Of All, if there was the Opportunity at Steam, I'd rate Adam's Venture Origins "neutral." So I had to choose between a positive or negative Assessment. For a positive Review, I clearly lacked depth of Play. And I didn't want to miss a negative Review. [Feeling Hours later:] Even though I list more neutrale/negative Points than positive Points, I liked AVO too much; In my View, I find a negative Review inappropriate). Hence the positive Assessment! Now to the Reviews: Positive: + The Level Design is varied and very detailed. + Atmospherically, I really started the Game. (Spoiler): I've actually felt threatened By the floating Being) + AVO gets by (almost) without Violence. (Spoiler):] Only with the "Final Boss" is shot briefly. Neutral: * The Story and Characters are scratched only superficially * The Synchronization can be disputed. Adam's Voice Actor | in I thought it was good, the One that Evelyn;p terribly, * The puzzles are quite simple, ONLY at the End they attract in difficulty * Between the Puzzles AVO is a running simulator with occasional Conversations of the Characters and funny Comments From Adam (you have to like this Kind of Humor to be able To laugh at what I do) Negative:-Missing Depth of play: You run, climb, puzzle, run, hide from Guards, oh and what a surprise: Runs, puzzles ...-The Puzzles repeat (albeit in one More difficult Variation)-The Animations of the Characters and the blank Glances are more reminiscent of Mannequins than Animations from 2016-Really stupid AI of opponents-I had to contend with Bugs a few times, but they were not so serious that they the Flow of the Game The Performance of the Game has often slumped (especially when I've been running around with a Torch). Other Players have already reported this Error. Conclusion: I can only recommend this Game to a limited extent. If my listed neutral and negative Points can't bother you without Hesitation, otherwise I recommend you spend your Money on another Game:)