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Adventures of Lolo 3 (Japanese: アドベンチャーズオブロロ2, Hepburn: Adobenchāzu obu Roro Tsū) is a puzzle video game released in 1991 by HAL Corporation for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is based on the Japanese Eggerland video game series. It was the third and final installment of the Adventures of Lolo series released in the U.S. New gameplay elements were added to make the base gameplay deeper than before. However, in 1994, a game titled "Adventures of Lolo" was released for Game Boy in Europe (and Japan). Said Game Boy release was not the same game as the original NES release of the same name, but rather a fourth sequel in the series with continued additions to the base gameplay. In Japan, this game was released as The Adventures of Lolo 2 because Adventures of Lolo was not released in Japan. Additionally, the Japanese version of the game had a different difficulty curve, different stages, and Moby (the whale-like creature) appeared in Level 9 instead of Level 11.
Release date
Dec 26, 1990
HAL Laboratory
HAL Laboratory
Age rating
Not rated
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