Affected Zone Tactics reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
If You like Round-based games you can have fun at AZT, but the game has so many problems and other problems you probably have to be told before you waste your time here. So first of all to the Combat System is quite good and is also good compared to other Undene-based Games but the AI destroys this game totally. First started with only one soldier and 5 Bots in the team against other AI The Bots are a totally catastrophe and mostly just make it unsusptend, do not take the Point or go anywhere else. You can command the Bots in the team but to do this you have to be within reach (which is quite small at the beginning) and that costs Command points, so you can NOT command all the Bots and don't control all the whole match but only once in a while. Later in the game you can buy a 2nd Soldier and levlen but then you still have 4 trottelbots in the team and that brings me straight to the next point. Microtransactions! Like almost every free to play game, the more developed/Operators of this game try to keep themselves with Microtransactions over water and pay for the servers but once you see which price you pay to unlock another Soldier (more than 2 you control Can) or even to buy weapons you have to seriously ask whether the people smoked plastic, who have set up the prices (Plastic Smoke is known to be bad for brainfish) so much money for soooo little is more than just greedy because of this also my scrappy set before Because I wanted to support the makers with a few euros but rob and suck out there are not with me! Now to the game difficulty, the game itself is divided into Ranks and level per soldier. This means your soldiers gain experience and can be equipped with better Equipment which, however, in turn affect the ranks you start of course with Rank 1 and your soldiers have a low Rank (Freiter/Private) You can then if your Soldier The corresponding Level hatt one of the Subclasses must choose (I only list a few: Mortars, Flamethrowers, rocket Gunners, Etc ...) and by then you are probably already Rank 2 and this is exactly where the problems begin. The game offers Healing Packages for Life and Body Parts healing, the Bots against which one plays use of course from Rank 2 PREMIUM Healing packages which not only heals almost everything again but also ticks over a few Rounds (i.e. the Hit soldier heals himself and when he is in the He heals again in the next round without Having to use action Points again. This is a cheap attempt by the makers to make the game artificially difficult and to introduce their great Premium products right away. There's soooo much more I could tell but that would blow the frame and who wants to read so much. I don't want to lie and be honest if you can look past all the enumerated things then can really make the game fun, by the way with friends or who it really lies also PVP, but all in all are more of a bitter one for me after more than 100 Hours Of play. Taste left over and the Hope that the game somehow gets better the more you play that was not the case for me therefore long down!