Age of Gladiators II: Rome reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
This is the second version of a good game. The mechanics and way of playing are still very similar to the original Age of Gladiators: You hire Scouts, coaches, doctors and Gladiator recruits, train, weapons and then send them to the arena when there are battles. The big change and added are the overall graphics enhancement and the shift fights in a 3D amphitheater. Although you can choose to watch the fights without participating or simply to give you the result. When it comes to fighting, in your turn you have action points that you spend to zero. Each Gladiator comes with his own, which you can increase with training, buying potions or invoking his increase in full combat (with a high percentage of failure). Some have few action points, but they are strong at the time of hitting or resistant when it comes to receiving. So not everything depends on the points of action, but they are very important. You Do Not have to spend all the points on each turn, those that do not spend are added to your percentage of blocking in the next turn of the opposite: If you do not use 2 points, your block increases by 2%. There Are three strokes to choose from, each with its value in action points. More the possibility of invoking more points, to mock the opponent (which I do not know very well that does, perhaps increase their chance of failure) or to get a stronger hit. Of course, if you can move well by the sand and hit the back or flank with the possibility of a stronger blow, much better. The ultimate goal is to exhaust the points of life of the opposite, which by reaching zero falls on the sand in a pool of blood. Of course, your gladiator may be injured and need recovery days. If you lose, you can also be forgiven, but it depends on the public. The first year fights are 1vs1 to not overwhelm you in your first steps with an excess of expenses, but then there are group fights, more tactics and fun, but also more expensive results for your pocket. There Are Now, three kinds of gladiators (Murmillo, Thraex and Secutor) with their respective weapons and armour. The shields are not implemented yet and I do not understand the reason, but hopefully they will be added soon. There are Also fights with animals like bears, lions and wolves. On the economic side, you rely on winning fights and betting, which can be against, and in fulfilling missions that give you money to increase your income. You can Also spend on buying villas and land, but do not give money, only increase your fame, which is an important indicator that will allow you to send your gladiators to better cities and arenas to reach Rome and be the number one of the list. There Are more events than in the original AoG, like contracts for murders, donations from fans, work escorts, protect places or requests from your own gladiators to go to a site to solve a personal problem. Everything influences his morality, which must be taken into account as much as his abilities and strength. There Are Gladiators who like to participate in shady matters and others only in the legal. Of course, you can also run and pocket your pay. Without forgetting the lenders, they are always a temptation. If necessary, as a lack of gladiators, you can buy slaves, always of inferior quality, and send them to the sand... Betting against them. Because It is better to send garbage than to send anything when there are fights, that does not give fame. In short, a good improvement of the original, with turns fights that can be very exciting and a greater development of the events and the fame. If you liked the first Age of Gladiatrors this is a must. That Yes, I hope the dev develop more classes of gladiators, at least the Retiario!, without having to go through DLCs and add the bloody shields, that a murmillo without shield is like a Nero without lira. October 2018: Shields have been added and a new gladiator, the Barbarian berseker. The game continues its development with interest.