Agricola reviews

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Microsoft from Italian
I'Ll never buy more paid games on the App Store. It is already the third time I buy a game and after a short time no longer exists on the App Store and there is no possibility to install it again. Watch app of canned games like Knizia's Samurai and so many others. Even Glass Road Just bought there I did 3 games and now no longer exists. And I can't play it anymore. But the money took them. SHAME on you. Hello, Thanks for your feedback, we're very sorry to read that. Don't hesitate to contact the support: Regards, Asmodee Digital support
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Microsoft from Dutch
What a challenging game! If You (like me) have never played the physical board game, it will take some getting used to. The tutorials You really need, but it quickly becomes clear how everything works. And then the real challenge begins. Develop The strategic insight to the limited actions that the family in your game has to spend as useful and efficient as possible. I started with the solo series and that feels occasionally as puzzling: if I have this family member (Dolly) now lets put those fences, the other family member can buy the sheep and have them at the end of the next round enough to eat. Oh, wait, I have to let that third family member put on the fire place. Or will I let him buy cereals first and sow vegetables? Choices, choices, choices. It is either the other. And then you think you've got everything right for each other until you reach the points count. Then It turns out that you have to tackle your business differently in order to get a step higher in the solo series. And with that conclusion we end up with another description of this game: addictive. One More jar. I have to and I will get enough points.