Agricultural Simulator 2012: Deluxe Edition reviews

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Microsoft from Spain
What a disgusting game. I Hope the Germans dedicate themselves to something else than to play such a dung just shit for a bad cow. It Is so badly optimized, it works at less than 10 fps with a octacore and 8GB of RAM. You Have to start playing m1erdas geometry, fog, and chominadas several to yield to a few 25 fps. The control is HORRIBLE, with a key assignment that seems recommended by a patient with Parkinson. Fun?, yes, when you give to uninstall the 400 Megas that occupies this nerve. UNNAMEABLE RUBBISH.
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Microsoft from Russian
Description: Another masterpiece from the creator of the Treche simulators-the company "UIG". Before us is a simulator farmer. No Optimization, music is terrible, learning is crumpled. We go to the farm chasing chickens, look at the paws, and play? What for? As? Why? The Game without meaning and miserable gameplay, as well as all projects "UIG". What was a little surprised: every time the game was launched Steam offered to run some Iupdate. exe, after which the comp long thought and the game was run only in seconds 30-40. What did Google say about this strange exeshnik?: Iupdate. exe is a variety of EXE file associated with the McAfee 2000 Toolbox, which is developed by Network Associates for Windows. The Latest known version of Iupdate. EXE:, is designed for Windows. This EXE file has a 1-star popularity rating and a "Unknown" security rating. Rating: 1/10 post-match: If you liked this review welcome to the group you can see the recommended games, other reviews, as well as just chat in good company.
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Microsoft from Deutsch
The Agricultural Simulator 2012: Deluxe Edition is another Title of the Agricultural Simulator Series, which takes on a Battle with the Agricultural Simulator series the Hearts of the Tractorists. I have already added other Parts of the Series to the Archive, so I can compare it quite nicely. As far as the Graphics are concerned, for which the Game was launched back in 2011, it does not look bad in principle. Since I have already seen really uglier games in the Area of Shooters etc., which are younger. The Control of the Vehicles is neat, I have nothing to complain about. But where there is unfortunately a bit of a problem with the Game: A) The Representation of Agriculture on the Farm etc. It all remains too empty and sterile. This has already been better solved by the Successor. b) The WiSim Part is too rudimentary to be taken really seriously, there are clearly some more Statistics missing, a nicer Representation and more Economy. c) The Choice of Vehicles and Trailers is quite neat, but much more modest compared to the Successor. In Principle, a solid Game of the Genre, but the Successor is then better on clear Prongs.