A.I.M. Racing reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Excellent game for its time. Yes, and for the present too. Familiarity with the trilogy began with this part, racing, back in the days when there were barely pulling this game computers. Then I took a break from the time, which I still remember with pleasure. It is a Pity that the game was very rare, just saw the disc in the sale (which also took). This nice old kind of star force protection on the face) Yes, the graphics are old, but the pancake, is there a lot of races and generally games, looking just as worked out and atmospheric? Already at those times partially destructible objects of the landscape, absolutely different in appearance/atmosphere/type of passage of the route, sometimes encountered natural traps of the route, flying away from the glider pieces, smoke from the extracted engine (not from the same, If you have a few, it is important!), the ability to knock out the enemy at the finish line to the last place, shoot during the route of all, zeroing their life counters and just Nagadit Mynoy next racer in step before the finish laser. Here is the last I especially adored to look at the repetition as the finish crosses the burning scrap in the flight). The Tracks are enough, the glanders are really different, not only externally. And There are quite a few. Murder Weapon: 4 pieces: basic small-sized arrows (if any), rockets, mines, Shaytan, all different. And the latter is not put on all the glanders. But If you put it, enjoy it. The Complexity is very different, from nurseries to Batka (it is the same ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥). Being small could not pass the first training race on maximum difficulty. Being an adult a bunch of times sweating, until he was. Let's Add at least one disadvantage: the physics of crashing into obstacles. It would Seem that you will get a little bit of Kraeshkom post and you just shake, slightly unfolding. Well, No. It's zero, baby. In The post you will be full, until you give the back and do not fly. At those times forgivable, the model was not calculated so meticulously. However It is this edge of the glider still will be worn. I am SO hawk all wings Oblyhiyya) The Very same management is specific. But It is understandable, not on four wheels drive. The Second drawback. The Steampunk version supports modern permissions in the settings, in fact-No. That's where you get frustrated. The Nout, which without questions pulls a witch, does not pull stably Mechanoids on a standard for itself permission, it is necessary to underestimate or at all to choose that variant with which played for the first time. But I will not say that you can see the difference, you can see every pixel in the shallow resolution. No, just frustrated by the unfulfilled expectations. Music: Gregory Semenov wrote to the whole trilogy of games. Yes, the one that wrote the music to the Space Rangers, so here we have everything in order too) By the way, the game is still the old venerable type, the music in the game in the open in the format ogg. But I do not recommend to change strictly. Multiplayer: Yes, but only on a home network. Once tried to raise through the hamster on the Internet (so-so internet 10 years ago), were bugs visibility players. But Multiplayer is my honor. All in the best traditions, players + comps, the Zames promises to BE. No Hotsita. I wouldn't have. At those times, joysticks were not particularly bothered, and the keyboard is close for two. Price tag: cheap in zero, almost free in 2018. Polbaksa is not a price, but a tribute. Attention. If you read up here and think to take:-If you are a fan of old games, thirsty nostalgia-take; -If you are a modern gamer, brought up by a good picture and developed physics-abstain. Find Some video reviews at least on the Jutuba and see. With a high probability you will not get this game.