Airport Firefighters - The Simulation reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Foreword-tl: dr I just can't recommend this Game any further with the best Will. To play through the Game you only need 2-3 Hours, which is actually quite ridiculous. Get the Game for £550 once it's on offer, but not £186. This is despite the fact that the Game has even improved at some Points compared to its Predecessors. To say one Thing in advance, I played the Predecessors games all and work in the Fire brigade myself. The Review The Game is noticeably more stable than its Predecessors, it still jerks on very few pose, but even for a few Seconds. Players with AMD Graphics Cards will be happy to make the Vehicle Shader work For the first in the whole Series ever. An interesting Story is told, but it is not Ready For film either. Yes, the Story being told was something new in the Series. But No, it didn't do the Game itself any good, unfortunately. For the Story, many Elementary parts have been deleted From its Predecessors. A small List: There is no longer a free Game The Access paths to Missions are extremely short, because at a certain Point the actual "Mission" is loaded and you are usually pawned just in front of the Destination. Due to the lack of Game Mode, the Everyday simulation on guard is also missing. The Missions quickly turn out very monotonously and you almost only agonise through them. In the Missions that need to be carried out between the Main Story, you quickly notice the Monotony. The Alarm is started with a nice Intro, you occupy the fixed Vehicle and drive about 20-30 Seconds. Then the Mission is loaded and you are on the way To the actual Mission, which takes 20-30 Seconds again. On Site, you position yourself with your Vehicle and then clear the Underlying debris parts of Aircraft/Helicopter or directly the Aircraft/adjacent Building. These Missions are usually completed within a few Minutes and not really difficult. But there are also exceptions here with a Mission, in which you can also fight the Fire in the Cabin of an Aircraft with Human Rescue. That was a nice Mission experience, there should have just been more of that. It's a Pity this time the Developers focused only on Firefighting. Some Missions with Technical Assistance would certainly have been more varied. My Tip for the Developers, ask your Community for some Game Content, there are certainly still many Ideas that could have been implemented to make the Game even more varied. The Chronicles in the Game unfortunately look like inflated adult Rubber dolls. Although the Movement Animations have improved, they are still not nice to watch. Rather amusing. Conclusion Everything in all is unfortunately completely sobered and therefore no further recommended. Through Story Mode and the missing Free Game, it has no "replay value." That's why there are only 3/10 Points from me for the Overall Experience. Finally, there is a small Service service from me as you can better invest the €20:2 Boxes of beer for the Men'S Day Emergency 1, 3 and 4 (Emergency 5 was unfortunately not as good as hoped) The "Original Oyum Doll for Adults" from the Offcial Shop d Order it developers.