Akin reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free puzzle, the essence of which is well described in the description. The Levels are too much, as for me, time to get bored, but in general done carefully, to play nicely. The Levels at the time after the middle become huge (for passing on time), without studying the screenshot was difficult to find a solution. The 15-minute Achievement made a little sweat. At first it seemed simple, but when the big levels went, everything cleared up. Sometimes only to draw a ready solution, I have been going for at least 20 seconds. It didn't get any Faster. But in general-quite achievable, not hardcore. Went with pleasure, but could be done and shorter, in my opinion. I recommend to Fans of puzzles. P.S. The Key has won the Orligift quite a long time, which is honestly noted. It did not affect The review. 8
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Microsoft from French
Product received for free interesting little puzzle game, the levels are quite varied with some mechanics that change a little with color changes & jumps that will need well managed. In the end, the techniques of resolutions will remain almost the same all along the game & with its almost 200 levels it becomes quite repetitive and rebarbative. Especially that the game does not like to go too fast & will miss boxes or activate another unwanted by passing a little too close... & all the level to redo, fast in the first levels of diffilculté but on the last ones that become big enough it becomes VI of annoying & one would have liked a possible backlash to avoid all this redo because of latency and other bugs in the game. The levels in "time mode" become really complicated with this uncertain maneuverability that really lacks precision. Nice at the start so, but weariness quickly gains ground on the end that will be done by small dose...
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
In a bi-coloured grid, we choose a point and draw from there a line that, without crossing and touching the opposite color, manages to pass through all the squares of its same condition. It Is quite similar in gameplay to Unium, in determining that starting point and memorizing patterns of Abyascencia. The levels will become more complex and two elements appear that will open it in gameplay, this is going to help counteract that Memorizacián and patterns and keep the game in balance. It Is A game of real technical knowledge and little by little we can appreciate the different spatial possibilities on a group of squares. I Think it is an ideal and sufficiently basic and characteristic formula to be considered a benchmark with Unium. His greatest challenge, which also characterizes him as Unium, will be not to be able to rewind the line and play with it, specially used to form Descartes and reduce feasible possibilities. When we create master the game we can choose the trial mode that adds a countdown, so we will face the game in its original version, more intelligently in competition mode.