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Alien Hallway 2

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Long time passed since the alien invasion to our home planet. Earth resources are almost gone, so humanity has to explore other planets to survive... M.A.G.M.A. corporation, known from other games of the series, takes part in this activity, having successfully colonized several planets. The main source of income from these planets is Magmatite - the mineral of the future which gives colossal energy. For an unknown reason we lost communication with one of the distant planets. You - as an assault squad commander - need to find our what happened to the colony and to restore Magmatite mining... We're happy to present a new game in the Alien Shooter universe! Get prepared to unique tactical gameplay, lots of monster types and 8 fighter types allowing you create your own style of completing missions and defeating bosses. Gather resources during the fight and use them to add new soldiers. Form your current squad wisely, depending on the situation. Each class has unique specialty. Using a specialty at the right moment will bring you victory. Manage your squad to defeat the most dangerous enemies, explode combustibles and gather required resources. Shooter - Perfect choice for killing medium and small enemies. Specialty: throwing grenades. Miner - Extracts minerals required for adding new fighters. Medic - Recovers nearby soldiers' health. Specialty: morale. When activated it notably improves main parameters of the squad members. Sniper - Uses long-range heavy ion rifle. Deals successfully with large and dangerous enemies. Flamethrower - Extremely effective against clusters of medium and small monsters. Specialty: fireball - a high power blast burning everything on its way. Defender - Protects the companions walking behind. Specialty: energy shield. For a short term generates a powerful energy field which defends every soldier in its range. Rocketeer - Uses homing missiles for great area damage. Specialty: battle drone - unmanned fighting module attacking the enemy from the rear. Elite Soldier - Uses last generation energy weapon capable of incinerating most powerful enemies. Specialty: overload. Accumulated crystals are used for short-term weapon power increase.
Release date
Oct 5, 2017
Sigma Team Inc.
Sigma Team Inc.
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 (service pack 1), 8, 10
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T5200 @1.6GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 3600+ @2000MHz or better
  • Graphics: 512 MB video card
  • Storage: 400 MB available space
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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Destroy 500 small boxes
Kill 50000 aliens.
Collect 50000 crystals.
Collect 30000 coins.
Complite 10 additional missions.
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Alien Hallway 2 reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
The First review wrote a very hot, but I thought that it is unfair to lick the game with dirt, without even passing. Passed. Now you can. What do we have on our hands? If the previous project Sigma Team was a candid piece of * * * * * * * *, which was milking the nostalgic players of the dough for the old models from AS2, then this time bothered to at least draw new ones. Bravo! To not go into the long stuffing Overdofiga characters, just write down the pros and cons. Pros:-Pretty Original Gameplay-a Lot of active actions, it is not necessary for 2-3 minutes to stare into the screen, until the turn of action, and not just look at the slaughter of aliens. -There are a couple of new melodies-There is a pumping of Pichodov-You can call a nuclear conductor, which is enchanting all in a range of line of sight. -Sometimes Even there is a tactic.... The truth is it is painted and the beginning of missions. Cons:-Angular textures of ALL that is possible, vyviglaznye/merging colors of enemies, against the backdrop of monotonous backs. -Overloaded special effects overlap each other, completely scoring all around because of what is not visible on the screen. T. E even it is impossible to aim in flying on you Mutaliskov. -Most of the melodies are still old. -Cn * * * * * images from the Halo and the starcrafting. Yes, it is. -Complete absence of the plot. For God's sake, take away from the son of the developer of the pen and paper! ALL missions combined are briefed On the A4 sheet. Even reading is not necessary. -No balance. Seriously. All the complication of the game in the second half is reduced with the screen clogging Mutalikami. And so much so that nothing can be seen. And They arrive and arrive, and arrive, and arrive....-a Smoked aiming system that gives priority to the nearest enemy. That is, in most cases, your, the soldiers, shoot at the carpet from all the fall, until they are either not undermined by living mines, or do not make a Mutalski. And Blinding special effects does not give aim manually, which brings any tactic to No. -But The main minus is that you can only choose... 1 Squad! Sometimes 2. No them then in fact 4, but 2 slots are always occupied by medics and drillers. And almost always need to take defenders. As a result, you have a choice between a sniper/rocket/Elite. The Defender in 2.5 missions is replaced by a flamethrower. The defender is simply infantry. How Little for a tactical game? The Verdict-the Game is much better than expected. This time Sigma even made something normal, playable at 3-4 pm. However, the ugly balance, outdated and angular textures, holes in tactics and complexity outweigh the game all the good that it is. A Lot of work on errors, a couple of times, once again work on errors and we get a project that will revive the good name Sigma Team. In the meantime, I'm sorry.
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